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Carl Suchy & Söhne: Waltz N°1 Now in Gold!

I love these outlier watchmakers. Not mainstream, not part of the usual wave of the same-same. These watchmakers are exciting, they have creative freedom, they’re free from the constraints of conforming and they certainly do march to the beat of their own drum. Carl Suchy & Söhne’s Waltz N°1 was a brand-defining watch for them, and now the manufacturer has expanded the collection to include five brand-new limited-edition pieces in 18k yellow-gold along with two skeletonised Waltz N°1 pieces in yellow-gold available only for pre-order.

The product itself measures 41.50mm in diameter and 9.30mm in thickness. The 18k yellow-gold case is typical in Austrian design fashion: clean, sharp lines and an overall very inviting warmth to the watch. The shortened lugs, broad hour and minute hands and riveted crown speak to the contemporary nature of the Waltz N°1, but throughout the watch there is an air of simplistic, nostalgic watchmaking.

Its dial is one that is absolutely superb. Carl Suchy & Söhne definitely “made their bones” with this unique dial pattern, featuring a combination of vertical and horizontal lines. This distinctive pattern extends down to the very recognisable small-second sub-dial, which in itself is a rotating disc with the same alternating pattern as the rest of the dial. From a visceral perspective, the Waltz N°1 is just about as interesting as it gets.

Aside from the five closed-dial watches being released from Carl Suchy & Söhne, they’re also releasing two openworked models available only for pre-order. These two models still carry over the vertical and horizontal pattern as the closed-dial versions, but this time the alternating ribbings have been skeletonised, allowing the viewer a semi-obstructed view through the dial-side of the watch. The Waltz N°1 Skeleton Gold is available with either a white or a black skeletonised dial.

Powering all the pieces in the Waltz N°1 is the Vuacher Manufacturer Fleurier produced VMF 5401 that has been adapted to suit the Waltz N°1. It features Cötes de Genève finishing, hand-polished angles, a gold-plated decentralized micro-rotor and a generally very flush and very clean look. The VMF 5401 boasts a power reserve of about two-days and a relatively conservative beating frequency of 3Hz.

While the Waltz N°1 Skeleton Gold will be made available only for pre-order, the Waltz N°1 Yellow Gold is available now in a limited series with each of its models available in a limited run of only five pieces.

Waltz N°1 Yellow Gold with Blue Danube Dial: €18,945

Waltz N°1 Yellow Gold with White Dial: €18,945

Waltz N°1 Yellow Gold with Black Dial: €18,945

Waltz N°1 Yellow Gold with Gold Dial: €18,945

Waltz N°1 Skeleton Yellow Gold with White Dial: €38,500

Waltz N°1 Skeleton Yellow Gold with Black Dial: €38,500


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