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Introducing Armin Strom’s Skeleton Pure Carbon

Partnering with Cyprus-based retails Cases & Dials, Armin Strom have created a stunning high-tech sports-inspired timepiece available in a limited run of only a handful of pieces, literally. Count the fingers on your hand. That’s how many Skeleton Pure Carbon timepieces will be made.

The selection of carbon fibre was an easy one for both Armin Strom and Cases & Dials’ owner, Rois Nicolaides. A self-proclaimed aficionado for high-tech sports watches, the choice of materials was a given. Armin Strom and Cases & Dials created five timepieces, each with its own unique colour scheme. Five models, five different coloured dials. Blue, yellow, red, orange and green – each with polished stainless-steel hands.

The Skeleton Pure Carbon’s case measures 46.80mm by 12.30mm (diameter and height, respectively). The black carbon fibre case features a sapphire crystal dial-side and caseback-side, and while you probably won’t be swimming with it, the Skeleton Pure Carbon does boast a 50m water resistant rating.

Armin Strom’s option to orientate the inverted dial layout slightly askew and to the left is an odd choice, but it does play to the strengths of the Skeleton Pure Carbon’s contemporary, avant-garde and wholly different nature. This is a different watch, and while its unusual and against-the-grain is slightly polarising, I for one really quite like it.

Powering the Skeleton Pure Carbon is Armin Strom’s in-house manually wound ARM09-S Pure. It features 146-components, a huge 8-day power reserve with thanks to its twin barrels, a screwed balance with Breguet overcoil and a beating frequency of 2.5Hz. Along with the passing hours, minutes and seconds, the ARM09-S Pure also displays the power reserve within its small-seconds dial at 9 o’clock.

The Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Carbon comes on an alligator strap with stitches matching the colour of the dial and a stainless-steel double-folding clasp, along with an additional Velcro and rubber strap.

Armin Strom’s Skeleton Pure Carbon is available in a limited run of only 5-pieces, one in each colour, and exclusively to Cases & Dials in Cyprus. Each piece will be priced at 45,000CHF.


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