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Introducing Bremont’s Armed Forces Collection

Bremont have a penchant for creating military-inspired timepieces, and their latest staple-expanding enthused collection further emphasises that well-known fact. Introducing the Armed Forces Collection, a collection of three supremely versatile timepieces, each in their own right a stand-alone. Let’s take a look at each.

The first piece is the Bremont Broadsword, and it’s the entry piece into this brand-new collection. The Broadsword is a solid all-rounder, more than capable of handling the very best and the very worst of what life, and you, have to throw at it. Featuring a 40mm wide stain and polished two-piece constructed case water resistant up to 100m and a super legible, lume-filled dial, the Broadsword is a wonderful entry point into this very exciting collection.

Bremont call this a contemporary take on the three handed ‘Dirty Dozen’ watch design, the Broadsword is every bit military-inspired-no-nonsense-timekeeping that you’d want in a modern luxury timepiece. It’ aesthetic is, of course, reminiscent of stock-standard army colours, and it’s BE-95-2AV automatic movement is an absolute workhorse. Priced at $4,400.

The second release is the Bremont Argonaut, a deep-diving Navy-inspired timepiece whose rugged look and solid construct is certainly in-line with the MoD’s Navy requirements. Featuring the same case construct as the Broadsword, albeit at 42mm, the Argonaut actually features a uni-directional rotating bezel, a must for deep-diving functionality.

The dial is highly legible with thanks to the custom green Super-Luminova, and differentiation between time-values is easy with thanks to the orange-bordered minute hand. The Argonaut is powered by the automatic chronometer certified BE-92AV movement and costs $4,750.

And finally, we have the Bremont Arrow, paying tribute to the MoD’s Air Force division. The military-themed genome carries over to the Arrow, and this mono-pusher chronograph is easily my pick of the trio. Highly legible, lots of real-world functionality, and that red arrow-tipped seconds hand is just choice.

Bremont’s Arrow is an absolute weapon of a timepiece with the same dimensions as the Argonaut, and this time featuring a chronometer certified automatic BE-51AE movement. Perhaps the most impressive piece of this list, albeit the most expensive at $6,100.


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