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Refreshingly Simple: The NOMOS Glashütte Orion neomatik 41

There’s something unusually appealing to me about NOMOS Glashütte. From their inception way back in 1992, the Orion has been their staple. A piece that really defined the brand as youthful, forward-thinking and, above all else, willing to do things in a way that many watchmaking brands either couldn’t, or wouldn’t. The Orion neomatik 41 has been NOMOS’ quintessential classic, with a design that draws inspiration from really trying to keep things direct, clean and, to an extent, somewhat modest.

There are two new models of the Orion neomatik 41. One with an olive-gold dial configuration, and the other with a midnight-blue dial. Both dial variants sit enclosed in a stainless-steel case that means 40.5mm across and only 9.4mm deep. The smooth transition between the case and the lugs play to this very minimalistic and simple feel, as does the non-discreet riveted crown.

Were I presented with either option, I think I’d prefer the olive-gold model. It has a certain allure to it that goes somewhat amiss with the midnight-blue variant. That’s not to say that the midnight-blue model is anything less than exceptional. Quite the contrary, in fact. But I think that the olive-gold model marries up the combination of sleekness, simplicity and just that tiny hint of suave in a way that is wonderfully appealing.

I love the gold-coloured stamped indexes on the olive-gold model. They serve as the perfect differentiating factor for that olive-coloured palette on the dial, and this stands out as one of the most distinguishable and most pleasing feature of the Orion neomatik 41.

Both pieces are powered by the DUW 6101. This is an in-house built automatic calibre that features a date mechanism with a bidirectional quick correction feature. The movement is very thin, and at 3.6mm in height you’d be lucky to find something a more slim-line manufacture movement at this price point. The DUW 6101 isn’t any ordinary, run-of-the-mill movement, either. NOMOS have really pulled out all the stops in ensuring the movement is of the upmost quality, and operates at a level that really can be called second to none.

There’s a certain ode to doing things simply and doing things well. NOMOS have indeed caught onto that fact and they’re continuing to ride the way of success, and subsequent capitalisation. The Orion neomatik 41 is anything but the next piece in a long line of pieces in NOMOS’ pipeline. It’s a well thought out watch that perfectly portrays the brands ethos of exuberance, of sound quality, of remarkable craftsmanship and of genuine passion. The NOMOS Glashütte Orion neomatik 41 olive-gold or midnight-blue is available now and will cost $6,090.


Movement: 3/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Wearability: 4/5

Affordability: 3/5


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