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Watches of the Week: 05/08/2019 – 11/08/2019

A new week is upon is and that means another instalment of our regular series focusing on the latest watches to hit the market, Watches of the Week. In this week’s round up, we have a handful of new watches from the likes of Panerai, SWATCH and Seiko, amongst others.


Panerai Submersible Goldtech 42

Panerai seems to have a knack for recreating its collections. By no means an easy task, but one that I think the manufacture has done relatively well over the last decade. The Submersible Goldtech 42 combines ruggedness with sophistication, durability with style and practicality with a smidge of luxury. Panerai’s Goldtech is actually made with some copper mixed in with the gold, giving the material a different look completely. The blend of black and gold is a tried and true colour combination, and the Submersible Goldtech 42 looks great in that respect. Priced at $26,700USD and available now.

BAU SWATCH Collection

Drawing inspiration with the Bauhaus design movement, SWATCH has developed a new collection of watches paying tribute to those stylistic traits. The artistic nature of these watches walks the line between complete disarray and form meeting function meeting uniqueness. There is a handle of new watches to choose from, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can opt to design your own watch from scratch.

Seiko 5 Additions

Seiko 5 is tantamount to a cult movement. Ask any watch enthusiast what the perfect entry level mechanical wristwatch would be, and nine times out of ten their answer would be the Seiko 5. And now, almost out of the blue, Seiko has gone and dropped a whopping 27 brand new models, all encompassing the beloved traits of the humble Seiko 5. It’d be a tad ridiculous to try to work through all of the new models, but you can by following the link below. Happy hunting!

Ball Roadmaster Icebreaker

Now available in 904L stainless steel (the same steel material Rolex uses in its sports watch collections), the newly introduced Ball Roadmaster Icebreaker is a supremely wearable, durable and interesting watch that I think fits the bill as being a solid daily wearer. Extremely low-key and available in three different dial variations, the Roadmaster Icebreaker extends its ability to be personalised by enabling the customer to choose between having a standard ébauche mechanical movement or one that is COSC certified for a small premium. It will cost $2,049USD for the COSC certified version, while the standard model will cost $1,799USD.

Edox Chronorally

Made for Julius Tannert, a professional rally driver and brand ambassador for Edox, the Chronorally combines the high speed, high adrenaline nature of the sport with real world functionality. Featuring a titanium case measuring 48mm across, an orange rubber strap with type imprints and a massive orange chronograph pusher, the Chronorally has bucket loads of wrist presence. Displaying the passing hours, minute, seconds, date and a chronograph, the Chronorally also has some decent real world applicability, too. The sporty nature of the watch does of course limit its wearability in dressier, more formal occasions. The perfect accompaniment for when you take your pride and joy out on a Sunday morning drive through the mountains.


Avant-garde. Unique. Wholly different. Call it what you will, but the GNS1.2 from GENUS takes the cake for being the most unique watch in this list. Watchmaking can be, and I’ll speak quite frankly here, a bore sometimes. You tend to see the same old day in and day out, so to see a watch like this coming out of the woodwork is, in a word, refreshing. From the perspective of a watch enthusiast, the GNS1.2 is ground-breaking. It combines a novel way of time-telling and with a whole bunch of intricacies, it definitely looks to be a brand-making watch. From the point of view of an occasional horological purveyor, this watch looks nuts. And from the perspective of an affluent watch collector, can I have it? Priced at 288,500CHF and limited to 8 pieces.


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