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Aiverc: An Affordable and Contemporary Alternative

Statement pieces often mean deep pockets, precious metals and brand names. But every once in a while, a timepiece seemingly pops out of thin air and captures my attention. Not often, and as such when it does I like to dig a bit deeper, find out more about the watch and about its designer. In the case of the Aiverc, it was an instantaneous link of realizing that a statement luxury timepiece can be just that without having any kind of horological pedigree, so to speak.

Aiverc was created by Crevia, a designer of sorts with an intent to pursue her creative side. Inspired by her favourite architects, she sought the often-beaten path of creating a watch, from scratch. Now, whilst this path has been trodden on and flattened by stampede after stampede of less than impressive watches, Crevia veered off the path slightly by focusing on the combination of art and of fashion.

The brainchild of her agenda to combine her two passions was Aiverc, interestingly enough a name she came up with by simply flipping her name backwards. This fusion of her two passions created a timepiece that, whilst encased in something seen as quite conservative, portrayed a very different story dial-side.

The structural aspect of the Aiverc’s dial is what caught my attention. Encased within the 40mm wide, 9mm thick stainless-steel case, and depending on the variation of the Aiverc you choose, there is a very prominent and clearly architecturally-inspired design.

The black model features a highly abstract dial pattern. There is ribbing flowing vertically, along with a different coloured ribbing pattern on the left side of the piece. The gold-coloured hands and manufacture insignia finish off what is a very aesthetically pleasing watch.

The stainless-steel model features a more natural look to it, similar to that of a marble pattern. It’s a clean design that doesn’t jump out at you, and it’s one that is slightly more effeminate than that of the black model.

The gold model features a webbed-like dial design, reminiscent of a spider’s web. Broad strokes inter-cross each other and create a visual that’s both dramatic and very intriguing to simply look at it.

These pieces are, as noted, statement pieces.


Because of their unique look. They’re individualistic, full of character and personality. Crevia realised that people wear watches to express their characteristics and individual nature, and so she designed some beautiful charms that can be attached to the leather strap.

These charms have been created with the idea that each and every wearer of an Aiverc timepiece is unique, passionate and forward-thinking.

The current collection of available charms will be expanded upon in due time, and if these charms are anything to go by, then you can be sure that Crevia will have some stunners in store for you.

Aiverc will be offered through the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Prices will begin from $220USD, and there will be discount offers through Kickstarter. Additionally, there is a Valentine’s Day bundle. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!

This is a sponsored post that has been written and edited by said proprietors. The opinions and views in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Haulogerie. With that being said, our mantra has always been that we would never endorse a product if we wouldn't wear it or use it, so the product's appearance on our website and said accompanying article is indicative of our editorial approval, as well as that from a consumer perspective. 


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