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Amazon Finds: 5 Affordable Perpetual Calendars

Buying a perpetual calendar timepiece doesn't necessarily mean you having to part with a small fortune, like some of the pieces we featured in last week’s ‘Amazon Finds’ round up. We've searched far and wide and have come up with 5 perpetual calendars that won't break the bank. Enjoy!

Tissot Tradition Perpetual Calendar

Available in a variety of dial colours, Tissot's approach to creating an affordable perpetual calendar is commendable, with the Tradition Perpetual Calendar looking like one of the world's best affordable calendrier watches.

Orient Multi-Year Perpetual Calendar

An obscure aesthetic keeps things quite interesting with the Orient Multi-Year Perpetual Calendar. It's hard enough to produce a perpetual calendar at this price, let alone create one that is entirely different to anything else in this price range. Also available in different dial colour variations.

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar

Utilising the energy of the Sun, Citizen's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar stores power in its rechargeable power cell. The Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar defines the notion of 'bang for your buck', with an ability to be dressed up or down and worn every day without missing a beat.

Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar

Using kinetic energy, Seiko's Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar has a very legible, very simplistic dial that enables the wearer to quickly read and absorb the information being displayed. I particularly like the artistic design of the dial backdrop, along with the luxurious look of the gold plated stainless steel case.

Citizen Satellite Wave Perpetual Calendar

Finally we have Citizen's Satellite Wave Perpetual Calendar. It has a lovely stainless steel case and matching jubilee bracelet, along with a super legible dial. And you get the unwavering accuracy of atomic timekeeping functionality.

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