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Illustrious and Iconic: The Bremont Supersonic Pays Tribute to the Infamous Concorde

An icon of aviation history, the Concorde was indeed a marvel of engineering. Capable of cruising at Mach 2, this supersonic passenger jet was able to operate at a whopping 60,000 feet. This pioneering endeavour of aviation solidified the notion that humans can achieve virtually anything, were they to dedicate their time, efforts, energies and focus into a project in its entirety. The Concorde was a masterpiece, and to this day people applaud her ingenuity, her capabilities and her revolutionary stature. So, I think it just that watchmaking’s most aviation and adventure inspired watchmaker come up with a timepiece to honor the Concorde’s revolutionary position within the coffers of aviation history.

Enter the Bremont Supersonic, aptly named to commemorate the unbelievable sound-barrier-breaking speeds that the Concorde was so able to comfortably routinely fly at. There are three different case variations of the Supersonic: one in stainless-steel, one in white-gold and the other in rose-gold. All variants sit within a 43mm wide and 14.56mm case structure, and all feature Bremont’s Trip-Tick construction.

Depending on the piece of your choice, the sunray silver-white dial either comes with blue steel, nickel or rose-gold hands, all of which are filled with Super-LumiNova. While the stainless-steel and white-gold models share an almost identical aesthetic, the rose-gold variant looks far more profoundly like a high-end timepiece, bring about notions of warmth, of subtlety and of depth. While I’d classify the stainless-steel and white-gold versions of the Supersonic to be watches you can easily wear every day, the rose-gold model is certainly one you’d want to be at special occasions.

The Supersonic is powered by the first manually wound calibre featured in a Bremont piece, named the BE-11M. This is a calibre that, when fully wound, is capable of holding up to 8-days’ worth of power reserve. Interestingly enough, aluminium taken from the G-BOAB Concorde, also known as Alpha Bravo, was machined into a ring surrounding the caseback. The ring features a description of Alpha Bravo’s main attributes, along with her top speed (Mach 2.05). You can also see the subtle silhouette of the Concorde embedded within the movement. A lovely nostalgic touch.

The Bremont Supersonic is available in three distinct model variations. The stainless-steel model will be available in a limited run of 300 pieces and will cost $16,995, while the white-gold and rose-gold pieces will be made in a limited run of 100 pieces each and will cost $31,995 and $29,995, respectively.


Movement: 4/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Wearability: 4/5

Affordability: 2/5


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