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Modern Watchmaking for Women: The Eliana Timekeeper

The world of watches is predominantly geared towards masculine, male-oriented timepieces. Slowly over time however, there has been a shift in focus on creating his-and-her pieces, along with an expansion of watches for the female collector. Sherrie Han, based in Singapore and creator of The Eliana Timekeeper realised the ever-expanding gap between luxury women’s watches and price points, and thus decided to produce her first watch aimed solely at the female populace.

Before we get into the watch, here’s a bit of a backstory as to who Sherrie Han is, and what prompted her to create The Eliana Timekeeper. Based in Singapore, Sherrie Han had plenty of exposure to the luxury watch market. But she found that accessing women’s watches with similar qualities to men’s watches was almost impossible. Many of the pieces lacked the detailed craftsmanship and mechanical movements that the men’s watches inherently had.

Sherrie delved a bit deeper and conducted a market survey, identifying the evident market gaps that she thought she could fill. This, alongside countless discussions with industry-insiders led to Sherrie leaving her job to set up The Eliana Timekeeper, a boutique watch company dedicated to designing unique and beautiful watches for the modern woman.

Each Eliana Timekeeper timepiece is based on three design principles: unique and beautiful; luxurious but affordable; and finally, with a focus on solely incorporating mechanical movements in its watches.

Now to the watches themselves. Aptly named the Twilight Glint given the use of Swarovski crystals as the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock hour markers, you have the option of choosing between 3 distinct styles. Each model features a 28mm wide, 8mm thick case, a crown embellished with an onyx stone, an exposed portion of the movement on the dial, individual numbering and one of the world’s smallest automatic calibres, the Miyota 6T28. And each piece sold will come with a gorgeously lacquered wooden box.

The models of the Twilight Glint are distinguishable by their dials. The first is the Twilight Glint Silver, featuring a brilliantly polished look with a void-black dial. The next is the Twilight Glint Rosegold, a distinct offering that also features a void-black dial. Interestingly enough, the void-black dial absorbs almost 99% of light and is coated with carbon nanoparticles designed for use by NASA. Additionally, and due to an existing exclusivity agreement between the material makers of the dial and another watchmaker, Eliana Timekeeper won’t be offering this watch again with a void-black dial.

The final piece is the Twilight Glint Linen, featuring a beautiful linen-stylised dial. Perhaps the most subtle and discreet of the three, the Twilight Glint Linen is a restrained and modest affair. But with that open window showing off the Miyota 6T28, The Twilight Glint Linen marries the drama of watchmaking with delicate beauty.

Eliana Timekeeper’s debut Twilight Glint is available on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $350USD with only 360 watches being produced.


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