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There’s something magical about a watch. Whether it be a simple quartz timepiece, or the most accurate perpetual calendar, they speak volumes about the wearer’s individualistic style and persona. They carry with them an indefinable charm that’s both ambiguous and subjective. They’re timeless, but relevant. And the notion that there’s no perfect watch makes the realm of horology all the more exciting. But, like it or not, these humble time-telling mechanisms are obsolete and extraneous. Their essential functionalities are being superseded by modern technologies. Their ability to captivate and entice is slowly being overshadowed by contemporary progress into the dominion of smart devices and wearables. In essence, their fundamental purpose has unfortunately been made redundant, and you’d be forgiven in thinking that the beloved wristwatch has had its time as the ideal superlative accessory. But that’s not why we have such an avid interest in watches now, is it?


We look at watches in a different light than, oh let’s say, someone would have a few generations ago. Watches to us, mean more than what it can do, functionally speaking. To an extent, of course.  We look at watches with passion and admiration. With curiosity and envy. We lust at the idea of strapping our holy grail to our wrist, and we drool when we see images of haute horlogerie pieces on Instagram and Facebook. We see a watch as an embodiment of an artisan’s undeniable passion and love. We see a watch as an expression of a bygone era where hand-crafted products were the norm. We see a watch as a work of art, in every sense of the word.


We represent the new-age of watch lovers. We speak the truth and provide a subjective analysis of watches. Not to sway your decision as to whether or not you’d want to purchase it, but to give you a clear understanding of our perspective on the watch. We’ll enable you to make your own decision about the watch, and you can expect us to give it to you straight, exactly how we see it. We’re a bit against-the-grain, so we might step on a few toes and ruffle a couple of feathers, but it’ll all be in the name of horology. And if you’ve got a question or anything you’d like to say, just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, welcome to Haulogerie!

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