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12 Of The Best Affordable Classic Dress Watches

A classic dress watch is an essential part of any collection, period. And while many of them carry a fairly hefty price tag, I've rounded up some of the most affordable examples I could find that fit the tenets of what I believe a traditional classic dress watch should look like.

Here are 12 of the most affordable classic dress watches you can buy for Christmas this year. And yes, they're all mechanical.

Hamilton American Classic Railroad

A beautifully executed dial that boasts balance and legibility, the Hamilton American Classic Railroad is a more casual take on the stereotypical classic dress watch.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic

Hamilton has a bit of a chokehold on examples of classic dress watches in this space, with the Jazzmaster Automatic rebutting that fact.

Orient Bambino Version III

From across the pond we have the Orient Bambino Version III. Affordable, well put together and retrained, the Orient Bambino Version III presents a beautiful dress watch option for Christmas.

Tissot Gentleman 'Grey'

The Tissot Gentleman is a triumph in the world of quality affordable watchmaking, with this particular piece seriously fitting the bill of one of the best sub-$1,000 watches out there.

Tissot Gentleman 'Black'

The black dial model is my preference, which I thought to give it its own space entirely. Again, how much more bang for your buck would you want here?

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

I know I said that a clean dial is the preference for a classic dress watch, but the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart is one of only a few exceptions I'll make to that rule. Love this piece.

Frederique Constant Classics Index

A step up from the Tissots and Hamiltons of the world is the Frederique Constant Classics Index. Now you're heading into some pretty interesting, albeit no-frills affordable classical dress watchmaking.

Orient Bambino Small Seconds

The Orient Bambino Small Seconds brings the worlds of nostalgia and old-school styling to the fore, with a gorgeous understated package presented.

Tissot Tradition

The Tissot Tradition looks and feels like a far more expensive watch than its sub-$500 price tag might lead you to believe. Soft and warm colour tones make the Tissot Tradition a really interesting classic dress watch proposition.

Omega DeVille Prestige

A bit of a jump to Omega with the DeVille Prestige. This is a really well refined, well executed piece that gives you the chance to dabble in some higher end classic watchmaking without breaking the bank, as they say.

Baume et Mercier Clifton Automatic

With its champagne dial, blued steel hands and flowing case, the Baume et Mercier Clifton Automatic presents a fantastic bit of affordable dress watch kit that is offered here at over 70% off retail. Christmas is calling!

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles

Clean, sophisticated and really well put together, the Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles is a fantastic classic dress watch to buy for yourself or gift to someone this Christmas.

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