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A Modern Twist to the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur

Two very distinct additions to a collection that really represents what the quintessential Ulysse Nardin timepiece should embody. Elements of sophistication, of class, or timelessness and of heritage. Now available in two brand new stunning editions, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur is archetypal Ulysse Nardin you just have to have.

Two new editions, two new looks, but each carrying with them the characteristics that we’ve all become so fond of from the Marine Torpilleur collection as of late. The first model features a 42mm rose gold case with a black dial. This combination of monochrome and warmth is really appealing to look at, and this colour arrangement is further complimented by the rose gold hands and white Roman numerals and brandi`ng insignia. The slim bezel features rivets, and the undersized crown matches the small lugs. A very flowing aesthetic that works on multiple levels.

The second piece a 42mm wide stainless-steel case, offset beautifully by an anthracite grey dial. The stainless-steel model also features rose gold hands and white Roman numerals, as well as the associated branding insignia and dial markings. I am leaning towards this model more so than the rose gold variant. It’s one that I can easily identify with, one that I can actually see myself wearing, and it’s one that I appreciate more out of the two.

Both pieces are powered by the in-house calibre UN-118, an automatic movement with a power reserve of 60-hours. This is a super modern movement that features a proprietary Silicium anchor escapement, a patented inertia balance wheel and a patented escapement. Many people seem to forget that Ulysse Nardin are pioneering movement constructors, and their respective watchmakers and engineers to an absolutely magnificent job in creating reliable and efficient mechanisms.

The Marine Torpilleur in rose gold has a cost of $25,750, while the stainless-steel variant costs $9,950. From a monetary perspective, the stainless-steel variant is of course the “better” option, but it is a boutique-exclusive piece, and as such it may be fairly difficult to get your hands on one. Either piece, however, would look fantastic in any collection.


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