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A Watch With Over 1,000 Possible Combinations

Watch customisation is the perfect way to create something that is truly unique, a distinctive reflection of who you are as a person, a collector and an enthusiast. Hermann Kobler, a Lucerne-based watch brand, has created what may very well be the most customisable timepiece in the world, and with well over 1,000 possible combinations, the new HK Nautic Timer 01 is watch that can be as extravagant, or discreet, as loud or as subtle, as you would like.

Before we delve into what the HK Nautic Timer 01 is, I think it important to give you a bit of a background as to what the maison is all about. Named after the founder's late grandfather, the brand is a personification of the values, philosophy, passion and life of Hermann Kobler. A spirited adventurer, sailor and lover of life, Hermann Kobler's pursuit of life's experiences translated into the eponymous maison, where the virtues of perfectionism, accuracy, uniqueness, elegancy, individualism, curiosity, aesthetics and quality were drawn upon as a result of the founder's inspired epiphanies. The finished product, as they say, is a watch that is a natural portrayal of Hermann Kobler's endearing spirit.

The idea behind the HK Nautic Timer 01 is focused on Hermann Kobler's ingenious approach, with the piece being made up of three individual components. The first being the case, the second being the TIME CAPSULA, and the third being the bracelet or strap.

The ergonomic and supremely comfortable 40.50mm wide and 5.36mm thick stainless steel case is available with a variety of finishings, including rose gold, silver and titanium coatings, reminiscent of the refined elegance and design from the 1940s and 1950s.

Next up is what Hermann Kobler calls the TIME CAPSULA, which incorporates the HK Nautic Timer 01's Swiss-made quartz movement, the dial, hands and crown. This is where Hermann Kobler flexes its ingenuity, enabling its customers to create a completely unique and novel timepiece, encouraging creativity and imagination. What's even more innovative is the ability to change your watch's dial and strap with thanks to a special mechanism integrated into the HK Nautic Timer 01.

And finally are the strapping options, with an abundance of straps and bracelets made available for the piece. From casual fabric straps to dressier leather options, there is a huge variety of options made available by Hemann Kobler for the new HK Nautic Timer 01.

The result is a watch that is undeniably unique, completely indicative of a wearer's preference. And what's even more interesting is that the HK Nautic Timer 01 continues to be customisable even after you've made your purchase, with a variety of dials and strap options readily available to switch things up.


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