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Amazon Finds: 15 Superlative Watch Winders

Collectors of mechanical watches understand that parallel to the beautiful intricacies of their prized possessions is the equally as irritating issue of ensuring your watch doesn't need to be reset every time you want to wear it. Automatic watches ring true to that sentiment, with many needing winding or active wear to ensure the rotor is winding. The issue is that an automatic watch has a limited power reserve, so even if you're regularly rotating through your collection through the week, you're bound to have a few pieces that you'll strap to your wrist only to find out you have to completely reset it. This isn't the end of the world for time-only watches, but could you imagine resetting an annual calendar, or even worse, a perpetual calendar, after not having worn it for a few weeks?! *Shudders*

We've put together a list of our favourite watch winders for all budgets, ranging from the Vera Single Watch Winder to the vault-like mega watch winder Rapport London Mariner's Chest and the Orbita Avanti which can wind 48 watches at a time.

Versa Single Watch Winder

Simple, modern, small and versatile. What more could you want from a single watch winder?

Chiyoda Watch Winder

A touch more fancy than Versa's equivalent, this particular piece features a high-gloss lacquered finish wooden box to hold your beloved safely and elegantly.

Versa Elite Single Watch Winder

One of the more premium single watch winders available but still pretty wallet friendly.

Barrington Single Watch Winder

Available in a variety of colours, Barrington’s Single Watch Winder is a must have and presents as one of the best single watch winders currently available.

WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder

WOLF's Heritage Double Watch Winder features two independently winding rotating systems encased in beautiful black faux-leather with a tempered glass cover.

JINS & VINCO Watch Winder

JINS & VINCO epic watch winder holds an incredible 8 timepieces and features a built in LED lighting system to illuminate all of your pride and joys.

WOLF Meridian Watch Winder

WOLF has a tendency of making some amazing watch winders, and the triple module Meridian is no exception. Retro and funky.

Orbita Tourbillon Watch Winder

As cool as it is different, the Orbita Tourbillon Watch Winder utilises patented programmable technology encased in crystal glass to produce something that is a mixture between art and function.

WOLF Heritage Six Watch Winder

WOLF's Heritage Six Watch Winder is an elegant, subdued and wholly stunning way to display and wind your watches.

Volta Signature Series Twelve Carbon

Now we're getting serious. Volta's Signature Series Twelve Carbon features a carbon fibre finished exterior with an interior illuminated by LED lighting to display 12 of your prized possessions.

Rapport London Optima Time Capsule

While this only winds one watch at a time, I challenge you to find a winder as theatrical or as cool as the Rapport London Optima Time Capsule.

Leader QN Series Watch Winder

Part safe, part winder, part storage, Leader's QN Series Watch Winder is a surefire way of keeping all of your watches safe, sound and wound.

Barrington 12 Watch Winder

Barrington has a penchant for making elegant, classical watch winders. I myself own a couple, by this thing is on a whole other level. Able to hold 12 watches on individually programmable rotors, made out of steel covered in leather padding, featuring a quite motor and accessible by either a pin code of electronic access card with fail-safe measures, the Barrington 12 Watch Winder is my pick of the bunch.

Rapport London Mariner's Chest

Refined, sophisticated yet more than capable of holding micro treasures in the upmost safety and luxury, Rapport's London Mariner's Chest is superb.

Orbita Avanti 48

Last but not least is for the watch collector who has it all and then some, Orbita's Avanti 48. Featuring a Brazilian lacquered finish case with a glass door and an ability to hold 48 watches, the Orbita Avanti 48 is the ultimate watch winder.

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