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Amazon Finds: Best 7 Affordable Day-Date Watches

Perhaps the most functional daily wearer is the day-date watch. With its innate ability to display both the day and the date, along with the running time, day-date watches have become a fan favourite and is greatly represented throughout the world of watches. Whether it be the illustrious platinum Rolex Day-Date 40 or the simple but super effective Seiko 5, the day-date watch is one of the most versatile pieces of horology. We've compiled a list of the 7 best affordable mechanical day-date watches we could find on Amazon, made up of dressier options, classical examples and daily beaters. Stay safe, happy shopping and enjoy!

Seiko 5

Tried and true, and perhaps the greatest affordable mechanical day-date watch is Seiko's 5. The Seiko 5 is available in a plethora of variations, but the original is the best.

Tissot Automatics III

Featuring a classical dressy exterior, Tissot's Automatics III is a beautiful and surprisingly affordable day-date watch available in a variety of dial colours, case colours and strap options.

Tissot T-One Day-Date

Tissot's T-One Day-Date features two separate apertures, the one at 12 o'clock displays the day, while the one at 6 o'clock displays the date. There are a few different variations, with the black dial/steel strap by far being the coolest.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation

With its military-like dial and separate day-date aperture display, Hamilton's Khaki Aviation takes a trip to a nostalgic past of functional timepieces in one of the best automatic day-date watches you can get.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day-Date

Another offering from Hamilton, this time in the guise of the wonderful Jazzmaster Day-Date. Similarly like the Tissot Automatics III, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day-Date is a fantastically affordable day-date watch.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day-Date on a Bracelet

On a leather strap the Jazzmaster Day-Date is amazing, but on a steel bracelet it really comes to life. Wear it with anything anywhere and the Jazzmaster Day-Date on a bracelet will not disappoint. And it's still super wallet friendly, too.

Gevril Columbus Circle

An odd addition to a list of fairly conservative options, Gevril's approach to the usual day-date display is obtuse, to say the least. But I felt like I just had to include the Columbus Circle in this list for its bizarre dial which is both exceptionally cool and completely different to anything in this price bracket. Love it!

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