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Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine Review

Aventi is no stranger to the controversial, the ostentatious and the striking. And with its latest piece, the Maison has solidified its stance against the conventional. Introducing the new, almighty and absolutely outstanding Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine.

Starting from a single block of raw sapphire, Aventi spent over 500 pain-staking hours creating this marvel of contemporary haute horlogerie. Intricately cut using diamond-tipped tools whilst in a CNC machine with a customised retention system, the Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine's sapphire skull took shape. Each piece of sapphire required resetting within the CNC machine 48 times in order to reach every facet, every notch and every cranny, which in itself took the team 5 hours to calibrate and reposition the sapphire.

To put this arduous task into perspective, a typical brilliant-cut diamond has 58 individual facets. The skull of the Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine has a whopping 160 facets, 200 edges and is a paper-thin 2.3mm in depth. This approach to the dramatic from Aventi took the team a whole year of trial and error to perfect, with the eventual product being something unlike anything I've ever seen. The finishing touch to the sapphire skull is that eye-popping black lume which lines the skull and gives off a unique blue glow.

While the focal point of the A13-02 Ghost Tyamine is that sapphire skull, Aventi has ensured that the quality also extends to the external part of the watch. The Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine features a Tyamine case which is a proprietary finishing treatment applied to titanium made specifically for the A13-02 Ghost Tyamine. It was made by creating a unique sequence of graphite and diamond crystalline structures, giving it unparalleled scratch and corrosion resistance while maintaining the typical lightweight durability that titanium is known for.

The drama of the A13-02 Ghost Tyamine doesn't end there. No, Aventi has seriously gone all out, even crafting those gorgeously architectural hands in sapphire and bordering them with black Super-LumiNova. Look closer too, and what you'll see are two glowing red eyes, one a movement jewel in the barrel and the other a Pigeon Blood ruby, one of the rarest gems in the world.

Powering the Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine is the GT-01S movement. Made in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the GT-01S was made in partnership with Olivier Mory. It features a tourbillon more accurate than a chronometer with a power reserve of 105 hours, an impact resistance of 5000g and a magnetic resistance of 2000 Gaus.

The A13-02 Ghost Tyamine is offered to Aventi collectors by allocation only and is priced at 13,750CHF.


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