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Christmas Gift Buying Guide: Watches Under $1,000

Stretching the budget to $1,000 means a lot more choice. It means being able to access high-end brands like Oris, Montblanc and Frederique Constant, along with being able choose from premium models from the likes of Hamilton, Tissot and Glycine. We’ve rounded up the 16 best watches we could find under $1,000 that are the perfect Christmas present to gift to yourself or a very lucky someone else.

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Alpina Alpiner Automatic

From its sunburst grey dial to the sleek and highly polished 41mm stainless steel case and touch of red at the end of the seconds hand, the Alpiner Automatic is the quintessential dress watch that can easily be dressed up or down.

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Oris Artix Automatic

The Artix combines Oris’ renowned pedigree with a beautiful design and a very appealing rice-bead patterned steel bracelet. Clean and sharp, the Artix holds a lot of value for a very tempting price.

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Glycine Airman Automatic

It’s hard to not like the Airman, which is why we felt it an absolute necessity to feature one of Glycine’s most iconic watches on this list. Busy, lots of information and with a clear nod to nostalgia, the Airman Automatic is simply awesome.

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Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

A watch that is definitely one of the coolest partly-openworked packages on this list, the affectionately named Jazzmaster Open Heart combines openworked viewing with sound mechanics and an overall very appealing look. And if the black leather strap is a touch dressy for you, perhaps the steel bracelet variation is more your thing.

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Hamilton Intra-Matic Automatic

Featuring a stunning sunburst silver dial, the simplicity of the Intra-Matic Automatic is one of the things that drew me to including on this list. Not much to complain about here.

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Tissot T-Trend Couturier

Epic, big and brash, the T-Trend Couturier has a lot of wrist presence in a dynamic yet classical package. The pump pushers are so cool to use and sit nice and flush within the 43mm stainless steel case. Emphatic and cool.

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Raymond Weil Freelancer

A traditional divers watch featuring a distinct ceramic bezel, an expansive sunburst blue dial and a level of legibility that is really second to none, the Freelancer is the quintessential diving watch. But, if blue isn’t your thing, this might do the trick instead.

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Seiko Presage

Italicised numerals, a power reserve indicator, a subtle patterned black dial and a streamlined steel case make the Presage an absolute winner in my eyes. Oh, and it features an automatic movement, too. One of the best watches out there under $1,000, period.

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Tissot Gentleman

The newly released Tissot Gentleman was a must-add to this list. Coming in well under the $1,000 mark, the Gentleman is bold, contemporary and eclectic, featuring a modern automatic Swiss-made movement and a prevailing design. The tone is set for future Tissot timepieces, as is the benchmark. One of my favourites.

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Bulova Gemini Chronograph

With the Gemini Chronograph, there is a lot going on. It features a chronograph, a day-date indicator, an onion crown, mushroom chronograph pushers, an integrated rice-bead pattern steel bracelet and an intriguing dial design. Safe to say that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this one. Oh, and did I say it has an automatic movement?

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Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques

With hues of gold on the creamy white dial, the Les Classiques follows the trend of less is more, and it does so to dramatic effect. The boldness of the watch is matched only by its supreme beauty. Hard to beat, this one is.

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Hamilton Jazzmaster Day-Date

Day-date watches make for some of the best daily wearers, and Hamilton’s Jazzmaster Day-Date is no exception. Featuring a deep black dial, there’s also a white dialled variation that might prefer, too.

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Frederique Constant Automatic

A time-only dress watch from Frederique Constant that is under $1,000? Yep, we’ve found one. Exceptional and great value for money.

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Oris Artelier Regulator

How cool is this?! A genuine automatic regulator watch. Here is the Artelier Regulator from Oris, featuring a complete split of time-telling indicators, including separation of the passing hours, minutes and seconds indicators, along with a date window at the bottom of the watch. Fantastic!

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Hamilton Khaki GMT

Another complicated watch, this time from Hamilton with the Khaki GMT. Featuring a robust and distinct shape, the Khaki GMT is the perfect traveller’s watch. And a great stocking filler, too!

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Glycine Incursore

Featuring a California-style dial, the Incursore has a distinct look that is thoroughly intriguing. A watch whose look can be changed in a heartbeat, with an innate ability to be dressed up or down.

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