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Expand Your Horizon with Raymond & Pearl!

Too often I come across new watchmakers trying to reinvent the wheel. They try so hard to go against the grain that they kind of dig themselves into a bit of a hole. Trying to be different doesn’t always work, and there are plenty of watchmakers, of all pricing spectrums, from the super elitist, most exclusive and most expensive, to the crowdfunded “re-inventers of the wheel”. So, when Raymond & Pearl approached me to have a look at their first piece, the Horizon, I kind of jumped at the opportunity.

Raymond & Pearl Watch Company was founded by two friends who had met years ago whilst travelling. They had an idea of building a timepiece that, while different, still played to the same tune of a good old fashioned, well-built watch. They wanted to add their own bit of personal flair into the piece, but at the same not come across as trying to be a game-changer. Thus, the Horizon was born.

There’s an ode to doing things simply. Kind of going along the tried and tested phrase, “if it ain’t broke don’t fit it. The Horizon has a very classical look to it. The 40mm wide and 7.9mm thick stainless-steel case is really quite traditional, and it does well to bridge the gap between being an acceptably sized dress watch, as well as being a decently sized daily wearer. The highlight of the Horizon is, of course, the dial.

Raymond & Pearl have realised that, while you could probably get away with using some monochromatic dial colours, it’s a bit more fun to add some pizazz to their watches. And they’ve done this by incorporating some very cool colour palettes to their dials. From Adventure Green to Intuition Purple, and from Sunrise Orange to Revolution Red, these dials absolutely scream fun. The dials have actually been finished in a sunray detailing pattern, so depending on the lighting environment, you’re going to be getting different shades of colour all the time.

The Horizon is powered by a Quartz movement, namely the Ronda 515, and while this may put some of you off, Raymond & Pearl’s pricing of the Horizon reflects its utilisation. Would I have preferred a mechanical movement? Sure, but this is a watch that carries with it far more aesthetic appeal than it does any kind of movement intrigue.

The Horizon has a bunch of different strap options to play around with, too. They have a very supple oak-coloured leather strap, a large variety of suede straps, as well as a silver mesh strap.

When it comes to fun watchmaking and at an affordable price, it’s hard to find watches that can and will continue to live up to the mark. The Horizon does what it was made to do really well. And that is to look fresh and funky without trying to be too different. The Raymond & Pearl Horizon costs £190 (while the straps cost £25) and is available now.


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