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Girard-Perregaux: Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” Edition

As if the Laureato Skeleton needed any more dramatism or theatrics applied to it, Girard-Perregux have gone and clad the exposed and hallowed mainplate in this striking blue PVD finish. And to be honest with you, it looks utterly amazing.

From start to finish, the Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” Edition just oozes cool. It’s 42mm wide and 10.93mm thick black ceramic case is a work of art. It’s been treated to brushing and polishing in altering directions, creating a very beautiful aesthetic that is hard to believe that can be achieved to such an intricate degree.

The inverted dial features a skeletonised mainplate that has been coated in blue PVD and has been brushed in a circular motion, consistent throughout the bridges. I love this singular directional look, matching the octagonal bezel but contrasted by the polished middle case layer and horizontally brushed body and bracelet of the watch.

Girard-Perregaux have gone to pain-staking lengths to make the Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” Edition as special as it is, and this is really apparent throughout the watch. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see the watch in the flesh, and I know that going off of press imagery can often be misleading, but as far as I can tell from what I’ve thus far seen, this thing has virtually zero flaws or imperfections.

Powering the Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” Edition is Girard-Perregaux’s calibre 1800. This is a manufacture movement with a centrally orientated winding rotor giving it about 54-hours’ worth of power reserve. The movement is especially beautiful, featuring brushed surfaces and polished beveled angles. The openworked nature of the dial obviously leaves it quite exposed to criticism with nowhere to really hide, but I honestly can’t fault this movement, from a finishing, an architectural and from a technical perspective.

The Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” Edition is a non-limited edition timepiece and is priced at 38,500CHF.


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