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Hands-on with the Best of Australian Watchmaking

Robust, elegant and modern, Creux Automatiq's Diamondback CA-08 is the latest watch to be released from one of Australia's most innovative luxury watchmakers. The Diamondback combines Creux Automatiq's signature case design with a stunning dial that looks and feels immensely more expensive than its approachable price-point indicates. The Diamondback comes in three distinct variations, but the one we'll be looking at today is the two-tone variant with its unique green dial.

Measuring a very conservative 40mm across and 10.60mm thick, the Diamondback's stainless-steel case features a variety of finishes that would you would typically find on a far more expensive Swiss-made high-end watch. Various detailing motions are instantly identifiable on the case, with a combination of high polished and finely brushed surfaces creating a super elegant look with exceptional flow.

The case seamlessly blends into the bracelet, which is a new look entirely for Creux Automatiq. Drawing inspiration from the Diamondback Rattlesnake, the Diamondback's two-tone bracelet features a beautifully smooth and integrated look that, again and like the case, is reminiscent of timepieces that are far more expensive. The bracelet's centre links have been coated in 18k gold PVD, creating a very luxurious look that ties the whole piece together.

The dial is the stand-out of the Diamondback, however. It features a diamond pattern that was crafted from a single sheet of brass. That brass was then plated with an anti-corrosion tinted lacquer, giving the Diamondback's dial a rich and vibrant look that needs to be seen in the metal to fully appreciate. The dial also features gold highlights, along with Super-Luminova coating on the hour markers and hands. From the perspective of doing things differently, the Diamondback's green dial is spectacular and welcoming. It's a supremely beautiful look and depending on its lighting environment, different shades of green will glimmer and shine through. I love the contrast of the gold and green against the cold silver of the stainless-steel, and I think Creux Automatiq have executed the Diamondback's look and colour palette exceptionally well.

Powering the Diamondback is the Swiss made calibre CA24-041. This is an automatic movement designed and developed by Swisstech that features a 36-hour power reserve and a three hand date system. It also features a custom skeletonised gold-plated with Creux Automatiq inscribed on it. Again, a wonderful point of visual differentiation that plays well with the watch's supple but luxurious vibe.

Creux Automatiq have long been my favourite Australian watchmaker, and the Diamondback further emphasises those sentiments of mine. This is a watch that is mature, soundly executed and carries with it the desirable tenets that many far more expensive and exclusive Swiss made luxury watches have. This is Australian watchmaking at its finest, and the Diamondback will certainly shed some light on just how much talent and passion there is in this country


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