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Hands-on with the Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer

Watches of this nature are meant to evoke some kind of emotional reaction. Love, adoration, passion, lust, longing. A watch that can reproduce these kinds of humanistic responses is one that is very much deserving of recognition and applause. Omega's Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer is one such piece that I had the pleasure of wearing, and it's one that will live long in my memory.

The very first thing I noticed about the Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer was the world map. Before I picked up the watch and before I strapped it to my wrist, the world map on the dial of the Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer caught my eye. Beautiful is an understatement. The sheer amount of depth that Omega was able to seemingly procure from that tiny bit of dial. There is an insane, almost inconceivable amount of detail applied to that small titanium plate. Omega laser-ablated the blue of the ocean on the plate, which left a relief of the world's continents, with the contrasting colours of the land masses being created by the laser's chemical reaction. The result is something that is meaningful, alluring and wholly romantic.

The second thing I noticed was when I picked up the watch. I've noticed that with a lot of steel watches, there is a certain lacking sensation of mass, even with larger pieces like Breitling's Navitimer. But this was not at all the case with the Aqua Terra. Measuring 43mm in diameter and made out of solid Sedna gold, the Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer was heavy, but not so much so as to deter from comfort. It meant knowing that the watch was on your wrist, even when you weren't looking at it. Not a bad thing at all, especially considering just how much it costs. The twist lug and strap insert configuration enhanced the piece's comfort and wearability were of no issue, even after wearing it for a few hours.

The Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer is powered by the Calibre 8939. This is a gorgeous movement, well decorated and well appointed but not so much so as to be seen as being ostentatious. The Certified Master Chronometer (METAS approved) Calibre 8939 is an automatic movement with a Co-Axial escapement and has a resistance to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. It holds GMT and Worldtimer functions, along with the standard time-telling functions and a date indicator located at 6 o'clock. This particular movement features some special finishings, including an 18k Sedna gold rotor and balance bridge with Geneva waves.

The Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer's striking and luxurious aesthetic is finished off with an elegant blue leather strap integrated into the case with solid gold links.

From the perspective of a buyer, the Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer is fantastic. It's a divvied up version of an already very appealing GMT Worldtimer, and being finished in 18k Sedna gold really elevates the watch to new, luxurious and sumptuous levels.

Omega's Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer is priced at $32,300AUD. For comparison's sake the stainless steel variant on a blue rubber strap costs $12,625AUD.


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