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Made in Japan: Internationalise Your Collection with These Pieces from Grand Seiko

Japanese watchmaking is making some serious strides with Grand Seiko leading the charge as one of the country's most reputable and respected horological exports. Grand Seiko has solidified its place in the world of watches as a bona fide haute horlogerie manufacturer, quickly becoming a staple for many collectors and enthusiasts. We've put together a handful of our favourite pieces from the Land of the Rising Sun's best ever watchmakers, the illustrious and highly coveted Grand Seiko. Enjoy watchfam!

Grand Seiko Kira-zuri Gold

With its gorgeous intricately textured dial, derived from the ancient Japanese printing form known as kira-zuri, whereby an artisan would sprinkle mica onto a wet surface of a print before it dried, reflecting the light in different ways, the Grand Seiko Kira-zuri SBGA384 is a beautiful combination of aesthetics and mechanics. 

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake

The Snowflake is as revered as it is loved. Perhaps the piece to have propelled Grand Seiko into the spotlight, the Snowflake is high up on the wish-list of many collectors and enthusiasts, myself included.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000

Made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Grand Seiko's revolutionary calibre 9S, the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 is the perfect balance of supreme aesthetics, intricate details and beautiful mechanics.

Grand Seiko GMT

Another celebratory piece for the 20th anniversary of Grand Seiko's calibre 9S, this particular Grand Seiko GMT model, reference SBGM235, features a gorgeous repeating motif that creates a kind of swirling pattern across the dial, accentuated by the cold steel hands and offset by the blue dial highlights. 

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Winter

Another Spring Drive aesthetic delight, this time in the variation of the reference SBGA415. Celebrating the winter snow, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Winter has a lovely greyish patterned dial that seems to glisten under different lights, much like the look of freshly fallen snow. Completely captivating.

Grand Seiko Kira-zuri Ice Blue

With its icy blue dial, the Grand Seiko Kira-zuri Ice Blue reference SBGA387 is a beautiful entry point into the wonderful world of Japanese watchmaking. Delicate, detailed and void of any flaws, the Grand Seiko Kira-zuri Ice Blue is magnificent.

Grand Seiko Rikka Early Summer

Green and gold is the colour of money, and Grand Seiko's Rikka Early Summer is right on the money. I love the dark look of the green dial offset by the gold hands and hour markers, creating an ultimately distinguishable piece that looks and feels far more expensive than its price tag shows.

Grand Seiko Heritage

Last but not least we have the Grand Seiko Heritage, reference SBGR309. Executed to perfection, this particular model is one of the most understated yet beautiful pieces to come out of the Grand Seiko atelier. Just supreme.

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