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owood - A Sustainable Approach to Watchmaking

Inspired by the purity of nature, owood has create three distinct collections, utilising the rawness of the Canadian landscape. Designed in Quebec, owood’s collections brings the worlds of ecology, of flora and of modern watchmaking into one very eco-friendly watch.

In an effort to combat the pollution of the world’s natural ecosystems, owood has taken a fairly conservative yet environmentally friendly approach to its watchmaking protocol. The sustainability aspect of owood stems from the knowledge that at least 22 thousand tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans every day. Changing the perception of just one person’s view on environmentalism is perhaps owood’s underlying directive, but its approach is one that is highly commendable. For every watch sold, owood has made a commitment to plant a tree with an aim of giving back to the environment.

Each of the three new collections from owood a distinctive yet consistent look and feel. Interestingly enough, while each piece resonates from a base design, every watch produced will have a different look given that different grains of reclaimed wood would have been used on the different watches. So, aside from saying the watch is certainly different, you can even go as far to say that it is, essentially, unique.

The Classic collection is just that. With a broad aesthetic that is wholly classical, obviously not taking into consideration the wood substituting for the typical use of stainless steel or a similar metal, the Classic collection features the traditional measures of time-telling: hours, minutes and seconds, all represented by the centre stack of hands. The Classic collection is made up of two distinct models, a darker ebony-shade variant and a sort of two-tone model.

The Minimalist collection takes a step back in the use of a wood slightly. Whereas the Classic’s case, dial and bracelet was made predominantly out of wood, the Minimalist features wood solely within the bezel. You have the option of either a silver or rose gold plated stainless steel case with a leather band, too.

And finally, there is the Mira collection. Wholly feminine, the Mira collection is made up of two watches in a distinct square shaped case. Available in either an Acacia wood or Olive wood case, with a dark or white dial respectively, the Mira is petite and surprisingly elegant.

The dichotomy of sustainability with modernity is an overlooked facet of progression. So, in an industry that is hellbent on staying relevant, it’s refreshing to see a young company like owood think outside the box and take advantage of novel approaches to production.

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