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Q Timex Collection: Making The Cool Affordable Again

For those of us not yet in the position to drop a small fortune on the venerable Rolex GMT-Master II, I welcome you to check out the Q Timex Reissue collection. Made up of 7 variations, the Q Timex Reissue collection is a nostalgic take on some of Timex's most iconic pieces from the 1970s, back when the quartz crisis was turning the world of watches on its head. Each model in the collection is marked with the "Q" symbol, highlighting the quartz technology used throughout the collection.

There's a variety of models in the Q Timex Reissue collection, including a black-and-red-bezelled Pepsi variant, a very cool black-and-green-bezelled model and a sleek white-dialled Pepsi-bezel piece. The collection also features two gold-toned models, one in a yellow gold-tone and the other in a rose gold-tone, with the latter's aesthetic not being that dissimilar to the full blown balls-to-the-wall Everose gold Rolex GMT-Master II


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