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Raketa Space Launcher

The esteemed Russian watchmaker is back with its latest piece, a watch that is made from actual rocket-ship parts in the shape of the novel Space Launcher. Raketa is no stranger to Haulogerie, where we had the privilege of covering the submarine-inspired Leopard 24. But the Raketa Space Launcher is on a whole other level, literally bringing the mystery and wonder of space to your wrist.

Available in two versions, one with a white dial and the other with a black, the Raketa Space Launcher in both of its variations comes encased in 43mm of stainless steel. While the case is quite a cool and funky design in itself, the focal point here is definitely the bezel which is actually made from a metal piece taken from the space launcher "Soyuz-2.1a" which took off on October 14 in 2020. The space launcher actually broke the 3-hour record between the Baikonur launch pad to the ISS.

Along with the use of the Soyuz-2.1a's metal piece for the bezel, the Space Launcher also uses fabric from the Russian "Sokol" spacesuit, which is worn by the cosmonauts while flying the Soyuz-2.1a space launcher, for the strap.

But the Space Launcher isn't all show and no go, and features a 24-hour complication where the hour hand circles the dial once every 24-hours. The design of the hour and minute hands is inspired by the control panel of the space launcher, while the second hand is represented by the Earth revolving around its axis. And on the white dial model, there is a countdown printed on the sapphire glass followed by the word "Poyekhali!", which translates to "Let's go!", the words that the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin exclaimed in 1961 on his maiden voyage.

The automatic calibre 2624A has been decorated with constellations printed on the bridges of the movement, along with a special coating on the rotor. It beats at 2.5Hz and has a power reserve of roughly 4-hours.

The Raketa Space Launcher retails for €1,750 and is limited to 300 pieces for the white dial version, while the black models retails for €1,850 and also limited to 300 pieces. Find out more here.


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