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The 9 Best Watch Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

So you've just gone out and bought your dream watch. Maybe the watch-bug has finally bitten and you want to pull apart and put back together your Seiko 5. Or maybe you've added another watch to your collection. Either way, you'll probably want to get your hands on some quality tools and accessories to compliment your horological ownership. Whether it be a loupe to study the finer details of your watch, a spring tool to change your band or some storage options to keep your watches safe at home and while you're travelling, we've put together a list with everything you could ever need to care for your new watch.

Bausch & Lomb Loupe x10

With a magnification of x10, the Bausch & Lomb Loupe is an inexpensive way to peer into the inner workings of your mechanical watch. It comes with a protective storage pouch, but if you want something a bit more hardcore scroll down...

BronaGrand Loupe x30

If the Bausch & Lomb loupe system was too "noob" for you, then the BronaGrand Loupe with its x30 magnification rating will surely be your best friend. I own a x30 loupe system and I have to tell you, while it may be overkill, it is just so much fun to look deep into the movement of a mechanical watch. Even with watches that have interesting dials like the Omega De Ville Trésor, a x30 loupe system is awesome.

Eventronic 112 Piece Watch Repair Kit

For peanuts you can get your hands on a watch repair kit from Eventronic with 112 pieces. I owned a few of these in the past and it was perfect to do minor maintenance and band changes on my watches. It comes with everything you need for a quick DIY project and even for a mass overhaul of a simple mechanism. Perfect for beginners and even seasoned collectors while being super wallet-friendly.

Bergeon 7812 Repair Kit

The Bergeon 7812 repair kit is a step above the Eventronic equivalent. While it only comes with 18 pieces, the Bergeon 7812 kit is full of quality. Like the Eventronic kit, the Bergeon repair kit comes with everything you need for minor repairs, maintenance, strap changes as well as overhauls of simple movements but, of course, with tools that a far better engineered. It comes in a sturdy travel case and will likely suit the seasoned collector and uncompromising enthusiast.

Bergeon Spring Bar Tool

While the Bergeon kit comes with a spring bar tool, you may want it on its own. So, here it is. You're welcome!

Swiss Reimagined Precision Screwdriver Set

With its color coordinated sizes ranging from 0.80mm 1.60mm, the Swiss Reimagined Precision Screwdriver Set feature tempered steel blades each with its own spare set. A must have for anyone looking to work on their watch.

Paylak Watch Band Pin Remover

Perhaps the easiest way to remove links in your strap, PayLak's Watch Band Pin Remover is a breeze to use and is extremely wallet friendly. Easy to adjust and with extra pins, the Watch Band Pin Remover is just one of those things you have to have.

Vlando Wooden Watch Box

Able to hold six watches is well made and has a lot of good reviews. It has a locking latch and features a beautiful textured finish on the outside. A word of warning though: don't store your mechanical watch in the middle front compartment (due to the magnetic locking latch).

Case Club Travel Case

With a lifetime warranty, Case Club's Travel Case boasts waterproof and dustproof specifications. Able to hold up to 32 watches within its non-abrasive, shock-absorbing polyurethane foam construct, the Case Club Travel Case will be you and your watches' best friend when travelling. Met with a largely positive response with a lot of excellent-rated reviews, the Case Club Travel Case is a no-brainer.

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