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The Best Daily Watches With An Unlimited Budget - The Usual Suspects

With an unlimited budget to spend, you can probably imagine what this list might feature. But the tact I've taken here is to run through the catalogues of the big brands and pick out their respective best offerings that fit the bill of being a fantastic daily watch. I've picked out white-metal pieces and have limited the complication to time only and, at the absolute most, a day and date indicator. In the next instalment, I'll go down some other very specific routes -- stay tuned!

So, as the title implies, here are the best daily watches you can buy from the usual suspects with absolutely no budget.

A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus

The relevatory A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus is a brilliant little bit of kit that the world has gone absolutely mad over, and for good reason. The single best daily watch to come out of Germany -- ever.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The new-gen Audemars Piguet Royal Oak presents as the latest tech to come out of the Swiss atelier, encompassing everything we love about the atelier with contemporary technologies. A daily watch to rival them all.

Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus

The green dial Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus is a personal favourite of mine, and in my opinion presents as one of the most beautiful daily watches money can buy, period.

Patek Philippe 5167 Aquanaut

The rubber-strapped Patek Philippe 5167 Aquanaut is a more casual take on the quintessential daily watch, pairing practicality with versatility in one of the most supreme horological packages around.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

While some might think that the Vacheron Constantin Overseas plays second fiddle to the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, it still represents some of the finest watchmaking in modern times, period. A daily watch for the astute and unassuming collector.

Rolex Submariner 'Smurf'

The Rolex Submariner 'Smurf' in its white gold guise is perhaps one of modern watchmaking's best kept secrets, where in the prowess of this daily watch truly lies in the realm of if you know, then you really know.

Girard-Perregaux Laureato

From Girard-Perregaux we have the Laureato in all of its esteemed and often forgotten glory. For those looking for a daily watch that is as unconventional as it is historically relevant.

Piaget Polo

The type of watch that you need to see and handle in the metal to fully appreciate, the Piaget Polo holds its own as a more-than-capable daily watch that ticks most, if not all boxes.

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