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The Spirit of Adventure with the Zenith DEFY ZERO G

At this year’s Salón Internacional Alta Relojeriá (SIAR), Zenith released three new unique collections based on their highly technical DEFY ZERO G. Each collection was comprised of three unique pieces, one made in titanium, one in rose gold, and one in yellow gold. Each collection depicts a different perspective of Zenith’s theme at SIAR 2018, the “Spirit of Adventure”, and each collection was created to portray, through a decorated case and bracelet, a colourful and prolific Mexican theme. All 6-pieces are unique, and all are based on Zenith’s DEFY ZERO G.

The first collection is called the DEFY ZERO G VIRGEN DE GUADELUPE, based on a Catholic image within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady Guadalupe, based in Mexico City. The engravings and distinctive pattern on the DEFY ZERO G VIRGEN DE GUADELUPE depict an apparition of the Virgin Mary to an Aztec convert to Christianity, and this motif has a special place in the deeply religious life of Mexico.

The second collection is called the DEFY ZERO G SKULL, made to commemorate the infamous Dias de los Muertos, or the Mexican Day of the Dead.

And the third collection is called the DEFY ZERO G Pirates, created to portray the life of a sea-sailing adventurer of a bygone era.


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