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To celebrate the art of classic cartoon characters and vintage watch design, UNDONE has unveiled its latest creation in a highly exclusive and limited run. The wisecracking sailor Popeye, the gangly Olive Oyl and the bulky Brutus all take centre stage in their own individually serialised box set editions.

You might remember the UNDONE x POPEYE released last year which took the watch world by storm and was completely sold out. Well, UNDONE has allocated us 5 limited edition box sets out of a total of 50 for you to purchase.

"Destro" Popeye Collector's Boxset Edition

The protagonist of the story requires no introduction. The first ‘Marine Nationale snowflake”that inspired the El Capitan was a hit among watch collectors. Now, we’re introducing its salt versus pepper equivalent–the “Destro”, influenced by the destro version of the “Marine Nationale snowflake”. Our “Destro” Popeye watch has the crown positioned at nine o’clock instead of three. This is made for left handers to wind the watch without having to take it off the right wrist. The sailorman’s comically muscular forearms serve as the functioning hours and minutes hands. The unique block indices are a nod to the timeless Marine Nationale watches. As a treat to avid watch collectors, this boxset exclusive watch features a bronze bezel (the only bronze watch in the Popeye series) that will acquire a unique layer of patina over time.

Aqua Brutus Collector's Boxset Edition

Popeye’s love rival and nemesis Brutus (also known as Bluto’s twin) shares the limelight in this limited collection. The watch features UNDONE's first half-transparent dial. The mechanical movement beneath the dial is revealed to showcase the “heartbeat” of time, which also controls Brutus’ arms to tell the hours and minutes. Protecting the watch from rust and wear is a PVD coated stainless steel case in elegant blue, complemented by a red crown (a boxset exclusive). Brutus is complete with a rubber strap designed to absorb impact and resist corrosive chemicals.

Olive Oyl Collector's Boxset Edition

Who other than the lovely Olive Oyl would make Popeye and Brutus fall head over heels for? She is also the reason why both men are consistently at each other’s throats. Set on a mother-of-pearl (the iridescent lining found on the inside of a shell) dial, Olive Oyl appears in her classic red blouse and black skirt, with both her arms swivelling to help tell time. In keeping the dial clean and visually strong, the second hand has been removed so the dial can also be appreciated like a painting. Olive Oyl uses a more feminine font for its indices to express elegance and a classic overall feel. Fans will be delighted to know that Olive Oyl’s posture and position is designed to interact perfectly with Popeye. As a boxset exclusive, the watch comes in a rose gold case and a gem embedded on its crown.

Whether it evokes a sense of nostalgia, makes for a wise investment, or simply too good to resist as a collector’s piece, the highly exclusive, limited edition UNDONE x POPEYE & FRIENDS boxsets are dedicated to those who appreciate designs that combine art, history, and one’s unforgettable childhood memories. Click here for more information.


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