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Ushering in a New Era of Modern Haute Horlogerie with the Alchemists

When I first saw this, timepieces from manufacturers like Bovet, Jacob & Co. and Greubel Forsey sprung to mind. Born from the minds of Hervé Schlüchter, Fabrice Thüler and Denis Vipret, the concept behind the Cu 29 sprung to life. With the likes of Vincent Perriard and the genius Philippe Dufour lending a helping hand, the conceptualization of the Cu 29 began.

With a look and feel that you’d liken to something being produced by a reputable and well-established watchmaker, the Cu 29 was the Alchemists’ first timepiece. Utilising the cuprum alloy (a blend of copper, gold and silver – a first in the world of horology), the Alchemists created a foundation that was already especially eye-catching.

Sitting atop the 44mm wide and 15.8mm thick cuprum case is a hemispherical sapphire crystal, emulating a bubble-like effect across the dial. This look is of course quite reminiscent of something from the MB&F atelier, however an identifiable difference is the fact that the crown enters the sapphire crystal, as opposed to being connected to the case.

The Alchemists realised that they had to design, create and fabricate their own in-house movement to fit this odd, very atypical case architecture. The movement is entirely hand-finished, featuring polished bridges, blued screws and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-tier movement consulted upon by Philippe Dufour.

Available in three different dial materials, black obsidian, lapis lazuli and jade, Alchemists have ensured that consumer choice is readily available. This is a wonderfully intriguing timepiece from a brand that really has come out of the woodwork. The status of pricing and availability is TBA, but we’ll update you once we know.


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