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Watches of the Week: 08/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

Another week done and dusted, which means another round up of all the latest watch releases and news in our regular series, Watches of the Week. In this week's instalment we'll be covering new watches from Chanel, Longines and Panerai. Enjoy!

Breguet Celebrates the 220th Anniversary of the Tourbillon

220 years ago, Abraham-Louis Breguet created one of the world's most magical and captivating horological complications, the revered tourbillon. And in 2021, 220 years since that eventful undertaking, the tourbillon continues to reign supreme as one of the world's most awe-inspiring haute horlogerie complications. Works of art that combine the majesty of aesthetic drama with the complexity of a truly intricate mechanical creation, the tourbillon remains, to this day, as one of the true wonders of the horological world.

Chanel Extrait de Camélia Collection

Gabrielle Chanel long had a passionate affinity for the camellia flower, so it's only natural that that relationship be carried through to the maison's Extrait de Camélia Collection. Two pieces will be released, each in a limited run of only 1,000 models. The first is the Première Extrait de Camélia with a yellow gold case, a black-laquered dial and a yellow gold camélia charm with a single brilliant-cut diamond. The second Première Extrait de Camélia model also features a yellow gold case, but instead has a dial set with 116 brilliant-cut diamonds and a yellow gold camélia charm with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds. Quintessential Chanel.

Longines Avigation BigEye Titanium

The Longines Avigation BigEye is back and, since its re-introduction to the watch world in 2017, it's been nothing but a stellar hit for the brand. This new model features the same dimensions and movement as the original re-edition, however now its case is made of titanium and its dial has a lovely blue gradient to it. This is not a limited edition and will be released alongside the steel model. The Longines Avigation BigEye Titanium will be priced at 3,200CHF.

Moritz Grossmann Piece Unique for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

To celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' historic win at the Super Bowl 2021, Moritz Grossmann has unveiled an exclusive, custom-made, piece-unique watch. The piece features a high-gloss polished football emblazoned on the black dial, engravings of the final score as well as the year of the victory. It also features the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's team colours, red and black. Of course, being a Moritz Grossman timepiece, you can expect nothing less of perfection from its movement, which here is the namely calibre 100.1. The piece unique will be engraved "1/1" and will retail for €16,700.

G-Shock Adds Some Transparency to its Pieces

G-Shock has unveiled some transparent models to its ever-expanding collection, with two distinct colourways being made available, Transparent White and Transparent Grey. The new models are he GA2000, GA900, and GA110 in Transparent Grey, and the DW5600, GA700, and GA2100 in Transparent White. Very cool stuff.

Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina PAM 1116

Panerai is back with its latest 'something-tech' model, and to celebrate the 70th anniversay of the Luminor collection, what better time would it be to release a platinum-based alloy. Platinumtech is said to be harder than conventional platinum and with greater resistive, although with that comes the difficulty of actually working with the material. The Platinumtech Luminor Marina PAM 1116 will be released in a limited run of only 70 pieces and will have the brand's super impressive 70 year warranty term. The Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina PAM 1116 will be priced at $36,900USD.

Tudor's Quest for Nature

Tudor has teamed up with renowned world freediving champion Morgan Bourc’his and photographer-cross-director Jean-Charles Granjon in their latest project. This ambitious project will see Bourc'his and Granjon traverse the planet's oceans in search of whales, from the warm Mediterranean seas to the icy fjords of Norway. All the while donning one of the world's most capable diver's watches. Exciting!


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