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Watches of the Week: 16/03/2020 - 22/03/2020

Another week down, another round up of all the latest news in the watch world with our regular series, 'Watches of the Week'. In this week's round up we have new pieces from the likes of Greubel Forsey, Bremont, Breguet and Cartier. Enjoy!

On a side note and in light of everything that is happening in the world right now, we just want to say to everyone stay safe, follow your respective governing bodies' instructions, keep an eye on and lend a helping hand to the elderly, disable and less fortunate and above all else, take care of yourself and your family.

Greubel Forsey QP À Équation in Red Gold

Interestingly enough Greubel Forsey has released its acclaimed QP À Équation model in red gold with a chocolate brown dial. The QP À Équation is one of the world's most complicated watches, and this pairing of red gold with chocolate brown is a nod to the manufacture's ability to recreate masterpieces. I particularly like the warm tones of the QP À Équation, but of course the emphasis here is on the absurdly complex nature of its 25-degree inclined 24-second tourbillon, perpetual calendar and equation of time indicator. The Greubel Forsey QP À Équation isn't a limited edition per se, but it will be made in limited production. Priced at 670,000CHF.

Breguet Unveils Three New Models

Breguet has revealed three brand new pieces, the Classique 7137, the Classique 7337 and the Marine Tourbillon Equation Marchante. The Classique 7137, available either either a rose gold or white gold case, captures the quintessential feel of a multi-textured, multi-dimensional Breguet timepiece. The Classique 7337, also available in either a rose gold or white gold case, takes it one step further and features calendrier functionality all the while staying true to the Breguet stylised aesthetic that we've all come to know and love. And finally the exquisite Marine Tourbillon Equation Marchante 5887, now with a rose gold case and a gold dial in slate-grey colour. The Classique 7137 is priced at $53,900AUD, the Classique 7337 at $58,100AUD, while the Marine Tourbillon Equation Marchante 5887 will be priced at $290,100AUD.

Bremont Drops Three Brand New Pieces

Bremont has just announced three new pieces, the ALT1-C Griffon, the Bremont Project Possible and the ALT1-P2 JET. First we have the ALT1-C Griffon, which pays tribute to the actual Spitfire that Bremont's co-founders' Nick and Giles English's father operated. This is a beautiful rendition and features a military instrument feel throughout. The second piece is the Bremont Project Possible, which commemorates the momentous achievement by Bremont Ambassador Nirmal 'Nims' Purja where he was able to climb Earth's 14 tallest mountains in a space of under 7 months, smashing the previous record of nearly 8 years. And finally the ALT1-P2 JET, featuring a stealthy aesthetic and paying tribute to the real-life 'Iron Man', Richard Browning. Browning is a British inventor and entrepreneur who founded the forward-thinking Gravity Industries and in doing created the Gravity Jet Suit, enabling vertical flight. Pricing for the ALT1-C Griffon, the Bremont Project Possible and the ALT1-P2 JET starts from $8,500AUD, $8,500AUD and $7,100AUD, respectively.

Cartier Santos-Dumont XL in a Mechanical Guise

Cartier's previously Quartz-powered Santos-Dumont XL is now once again available with a mechanical movement. Unveiled in either a steel, a two-tone (steel and gold) or a full pink gold case, the Santos-Dumont XL now features the hand-wound calibre 430 MC (which is Piaget's 430P movement used in its Altiplano). The lacking seconds hand of course adds a touch of stagnancy to the dial, but otherwise this is a very beautiful piece throughout. The steel version will cost 4,700CHF, the two-tone 6,500CHF, while the solid pink gold variant will cost a surprisingly and relatively speaking affordable 11,500CHF.


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