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Week in Review: 01/07/2019 – 07/07/2019

Another week done, another round-up of all the latest and greatest watch releases of the last seven days! In this week’s instalment we have new pieces from the likes of Tissot, Omega and Citizen. Enjoy!

Omega Speedmaster ‘First Omega In Space Met Edition’

Based on the original Speedmaster CK 2998 which was infamously the first Omega to reach space, strapped to astronaut Walter Shirra’s wrist during the Sigma 7 mission in 1962, the Speedmaster ‘First Omega In Space Met Edition’ carries with it the same virtuous personality and characteristics that the first space-venturing Speedmaster had all those years ago. Featuring the same black dial, black bezel and stainless steel case, the Speedmaster ‘First Omega In Space Met Edition’ is also ooutfitted with a red and white stripped NATO strap, a distinguishable look associated with the Museum’s signature colours. Created in a limited number of 2,019 watches and only available at Omega’s boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City as well as The Met Store, the Speedmaster ‘First Omega In Space Met Edition’ is surely going to be a valuable collectors piece in years to come.

Citizen Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE

Perhaps not a watchmaker you would necessarily associate with a high quality divers watch, Citizen’s Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE definitely fits the bill of a reliable tool watch. Measuring 44mm across and water resistant to 200m, its titanium case is both durable and wearable. Its modern design, clean aesthetic and fairly no-frills approach may lead you to believe that the Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE is powered by a Quartz movement. Quite the contrary, and I can happily say that Citizen has opted to use an automatic movement for this highly impressive diver. The Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE is priced at €399, limited to only 1000-pieces and exclusively available in Europe.

Tissot T-Race Cycling Chronograph

To celebrate its long-standing partnership of the Tour de France, Tissot has released the T-Race Cycling Chronograph, a stunning special edition embodying the DNA of this illustrious cycling event. The T-Race Cycling Chronograph features cycling inspiration through. The fork of the bike is reflected in the lugs and hands. The pushers are designed like a bike’s brake levers. The tachymeter bezel is set on a silicone ring, representing the wheel. The cassette is reflected on the caseback and crown, and the back of the bracelet is designed to look like a bike’s chain. The unique colour palette of the T-Race Cycling Chronograph is super appealing, and while it is powered by a Quartz movement, the pros heavily outweigh that one con.

Timex and Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch

Timex has definitely been on the up and up, and its latest collaborative effort sees the manufacture really delve into the idealistic qualities of vintage inspiration. Nigel Cabourn is a British designer who has been producing clothing for over four decades. His utilitarian design ethos is both restrained and refined, as are the innate virtues of Timex’s latest offering. The Referee Watch has some fantastic aesthetic merits that really do make it worth covering. From its super wearable 40mm stainless-steel case to the red dial with the final 15 minute quarter featuring a creamy finish, depicting the full 45-minute half of a typical soccer match. The Referee Watch is as charming as it is exciting, and I for one adore its affectionately simplistic qualities. And I can only imagine how beautifully this thing will age over the coming years, predisposed of course to its indicative environmental exposure. Priced at $162USD, I do expect the Referee Watch sell out relatively quickly.

GoS Gustafsson & Sjögren Sarek Trollius

Featuring an insanely intricate dial made of Damascus steel with GoS’ trademark wildflower pattern, the Sarek Trollius is a beautiful timepiece that well and truly pushes the boundaries of conventional watchmaking aesthetics. The cold natural look of the Damascus steel dial is offset well by the gold-plated chapter ring, pinned hour markers and hands. All of which sit comfortably within the 43mm wide stainless-steel case with a Trollius leaf engraving on the bezel and caseback. Far from inexpensive, but a subtle statement watch nonetheless, the Sarek Trollius is a unique piece that is available for $18,500USD.


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