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Avant Garde Aventi: The Wraith A15-01

Aventi is no stranger to pushing the boundaries. The A13-02 Ghost Tyamine was one such piece which highlighted the atelier's forward-thinking, ultra non-conservative and adventurous approach to its own watchmaking. The new Wraith A15-01 is as bold as it is innovative, clad in a new material which was created by Aventi specifically for this piece.

The Aventi Wraith A15-01 Saphite Paraiba features a novel case created to highlight the watch's chronometric properties. Within the case lies the calibre GT-01S, built by companies like Atokolpa, TEC Ebauches and Generale Ressorts. The hand-wound movement is made from titanium and features one of the most historically significant and awe inspiring complications, the almighty tourbillon. The movement is adorned with the all of the bells and trimmings you would want, including perlage, bevelling, polished countersunk jewel and screw sinks, gold filled engravings and blued screws.

But the GT-01S isn't all show and no go. It has a running time of 105-hours when fully wound, has a magnetic resistance of a whopping 2000 Gauss and a shock resistance of an equally as impressive 5000G. There are other horologically inclined attributes to this movement too, all of which account to its fantastic ± 4 seconds per day reported accuracy.

Moving on from the outstanding movement comes the next highlight of the Aventi Wraith A15-01 Saphite Paraiba: the case. Made from Saphite™️, the Wraith A15-01 is a cut above what you might think is a typical sapphire-clad watch. Saphite™️ is a proprietary material which has a clear crystalline structure embedded within a glassy matrix. It features superior clarity with a lower refractive index, with the end result being a glistening, clean and vivid hue of blue.

The manufacturing process of the case is quite incredible, too. Aventi reports the process of mixing a proprietary cocktail of rare earth elements and melting them in an industrial furnace to let cool and crystallise takes about four weeks. The materials are then cut with a wire erosion machine and the case is milled using a 5-axis CNC machine (with a tolerance of only 0.01mm). Then the case undergoes a two-stage hand polishing process to create a spectacle that is absolutely astounding.

Strapped to the Aventi Wraith A15-01 Saphite Paraiba is a white fluoroelastomer rubber (FKM) strap which is denser than rubber but at the very least as supple and with better resistance. The white looks great against the soft blue of the case and makes for an even lighter and more interesting aesthetic that only plays to the strengths of the Aventi Wraith A15-01 Saphite Paraiba.

The Aventi Wraith A15-01 Saphite Paraiba is a stunning combination of high-end watchmaking with a nod to true chronometry that has been brought together by the use of a highly avant-garde material that pays tribute to the brand's seemingly unrelenting and unwavering pursuit for true originality.


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