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Temple of Dream - The New Way to Get Your Dream Watch

The state of the current luxury watch market, especially with regards to stainless-steel sports Rolex pieces, has seen a huge rise in demand with an almost dwindling supply being trickled out by the respective manufacturers. Unbalancing and creating a void in the market, the eventual product is a market that has inherently increased prices to astronomical proportions.

Take the beloved and well-known Rolex GMT Master II 12670BLRO, or better known as the Pepsi, as a prime example of this trend. The current retail price is $9,250USD, while on the grey market we’ve got it listed quite commonly for well over $20,000USD. That’s more than double its retail price!

I think it’s safe to say that getting your hands on a new stainless-steel sports Rolex in this market is getting increasingly difficult, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a turn-around or market correction in sight.

This is a problem that the team behind the newly launched price-competition site Temple of Dream, has been focusing so intently on. Their goal is to make luxury watches, like the affordable stainless-steel Rolex pieces of yesteryear, accessible and available to everyone.

Let’s expand a bit on the term “prize-competition”. This is a game of skill that determines the winners of said competition. In the unlikelihood that there are multiple winners, then a draw is done, by randomising software, to select the winner. This game of skill is simple: A watch quiz!

Temple of Dream has just launched their latest competition. In this competition you have the chance to win a brand new Rolex GMT Master II 12670BLRO. You can enter the competition from anywhere in the world from only £30.

Aside from making the previously thought unobtainable Rolex GMT Master II 12670BLRO available for the masses, Temple of Dream has also committed themselves to do some good in the process. When you purchase a ticket to enter the competition, Temple of Dream will give you a choice of four charities to donate to. All you have to do is pick your charity of choice before you finish your order, and Temple of Dream will donate 20% of its profit to those four charities, divided by the percentage of votes each charity receives. So, not only are you bidding for one of the world’s most sought after watches, you’re also participating in what is a very charitable event.

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