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Watches Of The Week: 22/04/2024 - 28/04/2024

Watches And Wonders 2024 was a whirlwind of new watches, crazy complications, paper-thin proportions and eye-watering prices. But now that the dust has well and truly settled, it's time to get back into the swing of things with the next edition of Watches Of The Week.

In this week's round up, I'll be highlighting a handful of new and exciting watches, including pieces from Glashütte Original and Jaquet Droz, a rebirth of sorts from Amida as well as something wholly novel and super exciting from BeWatchmaker.


Glashütte Original PanoMaticInverse Limited Edition

  • Brand: Glashütte Original

  • Model: PanoMaticInverse Limited Edition

  • Reference: 1-91-03-01-03-61

  • Case: 42mm x 12.30mm

  • Case Material: Platinum

  • Water Resistance: 50m

  • Calibre: Calibre 91-03

  • Calibre Provenance: Manufacture (Based 90-02)

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 45 hours

  • Price: AUD74,600 (Limited to 25 pieces)

In a fitting tribute to the Saxony Capital of Dresden, Glashütte Original has unveiled the new PanoMaticInverse Limited Edition. Encased in platinum, the new PanoMaticInverse Limited Edition features a unique inverse stylised dial where the main plate is all but visible through the dial. This spectacle of German watchmaking is enhanced by fine finishing throughout, adding to the drama and spectacle of the PanoMaticInverse Limited Edition's theatrical nature.

Jaquet Droz Tourbillon Skelet - Bon Jon

  • Brand: Jaquet Droz

  • Model: Tourbillon Skelet - Bon Jon

  • Reference: J0135230061

  • Case: 41mm x 13.36mm

  • Case Material: Red Gold

  • Water Resistance: 30m

  • Calibre: 2625 SQ

  • Calibre Provenance: Manufacture

  • Frequency: 3 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 192 hours

  • Price: CHF218,000 (Piece unique)

To celebrate the iconic band's 40th anniversary, Jaquet Droz has partnered with the equally as iconic Jon Bon Jovi to create a unique version of the Tourbillon Skelet. Crafted in red gold, this unique piece features a flying tourbillon visible through the openworked dial. But the visceral intrigue doesn't stop there, where a heart with a winged dagger, Jon Bon Jovi's stylised logo, is placed front and centre in the dial, crafted entirely by hand from a single solid gold block.

Be A Watchmaker With BeWatchmaker

It's no secret: Watches are hot. Almost every facet of watchmaking has been delved into by the masses, including those of us who are interested in the actual art and application of watchmaking. I can attest to this. Years ago whilst still studying I purchased a Seiko 5 with the wholehearted goal of dismantling and optimistically putting it back together again. Emphasis here on optimism. Oh to be young and naive again. To this day I look at it with disdain and angst, parts askew and scattered about in a piece of tupperware I've yet to return to my mum's kitchen. If you're in a similar predicament, or want to avoid said circumstances, do yourself a favour and check out BeWatchmaker. This company offers a unique, guided and budget-friendly experience of assembling their very own Swiss made watch in the comfort of their own home (or office for you risk-taking watch aficionados). With a variety of different mechanical movements to choose from, you'll then receive your customised assembly kit (including tools -- no more shonky watchmaking kits from eBay -- you know the one...) from which you follow a step-by-step video tutorial on its assembly.

Amida Digitrend Take-off Edition

  • Brand: Amida

  • Model: Digitrend Take-off Edition

  • Reference: -

  • Case: 39mm x 36mm x 15.60mm

  • Case Material: Stainless Steel

  • Water Resistance: 50m

  • Calibre: Soprod NEWTON P092

  • Calibre Provenance: Ébauche

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 44 hours

  • Price: CHF2,900

Much like the phoenix rising from the ashes, so too has Amida, metaphorically speaking that is. The brand has introduced its first watch in over 45 years, with the Digitrend drawing inspiration from a historical and long-forgotten design from 1976. With retro-futuristic design cues throughout, the Amida Digitrend Take-off Edition uses an ingenious and rather simple method of displaying the time. There are two rotating discs displaying the hours and minutes which are then projected through a sapphire prism which makes the numerals stand vertically. Oozing cool.


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