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Affordable Adventuring: 7 Budget Friendly Field Watches

Field watches combine so much of what I like about watchmaking into one super versatile package. You get all the best qualities of a genuine tool watch like legibility, practicality and durability with an aesthetic that is subtle, nostalgic and genuinely timeless. From the humble Timex Expedition North Field to the dominant Hamilton Khaki Field all the way up to the larger-than-life Tudor Ranger, there's something here for every type of adventure-seeking watch enthusiast.


Timex Expedition North Field

The Timex Expedition North Field opens the door to immense quality and bang-for-your-buck, fronting as a more than capable field watch that won't break the bank.

Citizen Garrison Eco-Drive

The beautiful duality of the Citizen Garrison Eco-Drive is one of the key reasons why I chose it in this list. Coming in as another budget-friendly adventure-ready field watch, the Citizen Garrison Eco-Drive can be worn out and about during your next adventure or as a solid and more than capable daily wearer.

Seiko SRPG35

The brilliant little Seiko SRPG35 is a fantastic all rounder. Coupled with a NATO strap, the ever-reliable 4R36 automatic calibre and one of the most recognisable dials around, the Seiko SRPG35 is a definite winner.

Bulova Heritage

The Bulova Heritage looks and feels every bit a field watch that is ready to take on your next adventure, all the while staying true to its roots and being super affordable.

Hamilton Khaki Field

A cut above many other field watches in its class, the Hamilton Khaki Field holds its own as a nifty bit of kit that will serve you well on your next adventure. And the next one. And the one after that.

Luminox Atacama Field

With a very distinct dial, a day-date function and a depth rating of 200m, the Luminox Atacama Field is a solid all-rounder that offers so much value for money.

Tudor Ranger

The Tudor Ranger is the field watch of choice before you take the monumental step towards the Rolex Explorer, presenting as both an incredible piece of mechanical engineering and a reminder of why Tudor is such a force to be reckoned with.

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