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Russian Watchmaking: Raketa's Art-Inspired Avant-Garde

Raketa is Russia's watchmaking institution that is no stranger to Haulogerie. And now the esteemed watchmaker is back with its latest piece, the Avant-Garde Limited Edition. Based on the current Avant-Garde collection, the Avant-Garde Limited Edition fundamentally follows suit with the collection's foundational premise with a dash of artistry.

The Avant-Garde Limited Edition is depicted as a timepiece that marries the world of watchmaking and art, following the strong Russian pioneering tradition of avant-garde art whilst combining Raketa's ode to the unconventional. It's a piece that is wholly intriguing, entertaining and inexplicably interesting.

Geometrical shapes, abstract patterns and bright, bold colours leave little to the imagination, the Avant-Garde Limited Edition truly is a contemporary-inspired watch. Adorning even part of the watch is some form of modernistic, avant-garde pattern or shape, exemplified further by that distinctive red colour palette.

Throughout the Avant-Garde Limited Edition's aesthetic however, is movement. Likened to the notion of "art in motion", the Avant-Garde Limited Edition's dial is constantly moving, where the various geometric shapes seemingly float around the dial at different speeds. This means that every time you look down at your wrist, you'll likely see a new shape or composition.

But legibility is not at all affected by this pronounced movement, where the triangle represents the hour hand, the circle represents the minute hand and the triangle-tipped hand represents the seconds.

The Avant-Garde Limited Edition is a stylised rendition of one of Raketa's most iconic timepieces, with many visual cues adding to the artistic feel of the watch, including the slogan-styled "Made in Russia" insignia in the centre of the dial and the red linen on the underside of the black leather strap.

Powering the Avant-Garde Limited Edition is the in-house calibre 2615, an automatic movement with a power reserve of about 40 hours that also features the same stylised treatment as the dial, including an avant-garde design printed on the rotor and on the main bridge.

Raketa's Avant-Garde Limited Edition is a wonderfully imaginative watch that really does pave the way for the Russian maison to exercise even more creativity within its current collection of timepieces.

The Raketa Avant-Garde Limited Edition will be released in a limited run of only 300 pieces and will be priced at €1,125 (not including taxes)


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