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Total Utility: 9 Tudor Tool Watches

Total tool watch utility with Tudor, perhaps the best pound-for-pound watchmaker when it comes to true watchmaking utility. A tool watch in the 21st century is, in a word, redundant. We really don't need it. But for those of us that have that ever-growing want for something that we can, quote unquote beat around, a tool watch is a reminder that watchmaking of a generation ago was an actual necessity, with many professionals requiring an accurate time-telling device.

Here are 9 of the best tool watches from Tudor to remind yourself of just how practical a mechanical watch was, and still is.

Tudor Black Bay 39

A more restrained take on your run-of-the-mill tool watch, the Tudor Black Bay 39 is a lovely bit of kit that reminds us that often less is more.

Tudor Black Bay 41mm

The contemporary Tudor Black Bay 41mm is a wonderful prospect of the total utilitarian tool watch.

Tudor Black Bay 58

Heritage inspired, the Tudor Black Bay 58 carries with it the aesthetic of a tool watch from yesteryear with modern watchmaking technology throughout.

Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is the maison's contemporary answer to rising competition, imbuing the watchmaker's practical ethos with a super accessible price tag.

Tudor Black Bay 58

The blue Black Bay 58 can definitely be compared to a renaissance piece for Tudor, shining a well deserved light on the atelier's prowess in this crowded market niche.

Tudor Ranger

Tudor's answer to the Rolex Explorer, the Ranger is a subtle yet wholly interesting tool watch that is as easy to look at as it is on your wallet.

Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer

The Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer ushers in a new era of chronometry performance, integrating a manufacture master chronometer certified movement into one of the most practical and accessible packages in modern watchmaking. 

Tudor Black Bay 54

Another heritage inspired piece, the Tudor Black Bay 54 is a compelling tool watch that reminds us all of how capable Tudor is as a manufacture.

Tudor Black Bay Pro

Comparable to the Rolex Explorer II, the Tudor Black Bay Pro is a stand out piece for the maison and boasts one of the coolest looks of any watch in this price category.

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