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Watches Of The Week: 27/05/2024 - 02/06/2024

Welcome to the next Watches Of The Week edition, your go-to for a retrospective look at the watch releases of the past seven days. In this week's round up, I'll be featuring new watches the likes of a finale piece from Richard Mille, an MB&F super complication, a rebirth of sorts from Credor, a concept piece from IWC and a handful of new pieces from Audemars Piguet, amongst other notable releases.

Happy reading, have a great week ahead.

Watches Of The Week: 06/05/2024 - 12/05/2024

Richard Mille RM 27-05 Flying Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

  • Brand: Richard Mille

  • Model: RM 27-05 Flying Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

  • Reference: RM 27-05

  • Case: 37.25mm x 7.20mm

  • Case Material: Carbon TPT B.4

  • Water Resistance: 10m

  • Movement: RM27-05

  • Frequency: 3 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 55 hours

  • Price: CHF1,000,000 (Limited to 80 pieces)

From the king of contemporary avant garde haute horlogerie comes the RM 27-05 Flying Tourbillon Rafael Nadal. Weighing in at a measly 11.50 grams (sans the strap), the RM 27-05 Flying Tourbillon Rafael Nadal is the brilliant finale to an almost 19-year long partnership with the champion tennis player. Technicalities and price aside, the RM 27-05 Flying Tourbillon Rafael Nadal is a definitive winner and a Richard Mille collector's wet dream.

MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum

  • Brand: MB&F

  • Model: Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum

  • Reference: -

  • Case: 44mm x 18.2mm

  • Case Material: Platinum

  • Water Resistance: 30m

  • Movement: Chronograph movement developed with Stephen McDonnell

  • Frequency: 3 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 72 hours

  • Price: USD218,000 (Limited to 33 pieces)

MB&F's LM Chronograph is back and it's better (and more complicated) than ever. MB&F reached out to the genius movement maker Stephen McDonnell to create a flyback function for its twin-chronograph, much to the acclaim of the MB&F fanbase. The mechanism used, dubbed the 'Twinverter', makes it possible to use both chronographs independently. The flyback system allows the user to reset the chronograph without needing to stop it. Trivial, yes. But if you understood the dynamic mechanics beyond it, then it's not hard to appreciate how fundamentally difficult the task is.

Breguet Adds Some Bling To The Marine Collection

Breguet divvied up its Marine 5529 and Marine 9518 pieces with some serious bling. On the Marine 9518 model, eight diamonds take the place of the hour markers (with the 12, 3 and 9 o'clock Roman numerals left as they were and the 6 o'clock indicator replaced by a date window), while the bezel plays host to 50 diamonds. The Marine Chronograph 5529, in either white or rose gold, receives some 90 baguette-cut diamonds adorning the bezel, adding to the very exclusive and very avant garde look and feel of the piece.

Credor Locomotive Limited Edition

  • Brand: Credor

  • Model: Locomotive Limited Edition

  • Reference: GCCR999

  • Case: 38.80mm x 8.90mm

  • Case Material: Titanium

  • Water Resistance: 100m

  • Movement: CR01

  • Frequency: -

  • Power Reserve: 45 hours

  • Price: USD12,000 (Limited to 300 pieces)

Credor revived a long forgotten Gerald Genta design in the Locomotive. Originally released in 1978 following a landscape-changing period of integrated stainless steel sports watches flooding the market, the Locomotive was neither a hit nor a miss. Now it's back but in it's latest iteration it combines the original's aesthetic with modern materials and a modern movement. It's a polarising piece, perhaps which is why Credor is releasing this in a "limited" run to test the waters, as they say. No doubt it will be snapped up quickly, so we're probably looking at the release of a stainless steel model in the near future, too.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Hölstein Edition 2024

  • Brand: Oris

  • Model: Divers Sixty-Five Hölstein Edition 2024

  • Reference: -

  • Case: 40mm x 12.80mm

  • Case Material: Stainless steel (Black DLC coated)

  • Water Resistance: 100m

  • Movement: Oris Calibre 400

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 120 hours

  • Price: CHF3,900 (Limited to 250 pieces)

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Hölstein Edition 2024 is a limited-edition dive watch that pays homage to Oris's rich heritage and tradition in horology. Combining vintage aesthetics with modern watchmaking technology, this timepiece features a robust black DLC-coated stainless steel case, a matching coloured dial, and the manufacture Oris 400 automatic calibre. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Hölstein Edition 2024 seamlessly merges functionality with style, making it a coveted collector's item for enthusiasts of both diving and fine watchmaking.

Audemars Piguet [RE]Master02

  • Brand: Audemars Piguet

  • Model: [RE]Master02

  • Reference: 15240SG.OO.A347CR.01

  • Case: 41mm x 9.70mm

  • Case Material: Sand gold

  • Water Resistance: 30m

  • Movement: Calibre 7129

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 52 hours

  • Price: USD47,200 (Limited to 250 pieces)

Inspired by a super rare reference (5159BA) and added to a collection that was introduced some 4 years ago that seemingly dropped off the face of the earth, the Audemars Piguet [RE]Master02 is as novel and unique as it was when the original dropped some 60-odd years ago. Fans of the abstract haute horlogerie will rejoice, and I am too. It's taken a few days of looking and looking away, but I've come to the conclusion that I really like it. It's as un-Audemars Piguet as it is Audemars Piguet, with sharp clean lines, linear brushing and soft edges contrasted with acute angles, the Audemars Piguet [RE]Master02 is just about as out there as I can personally handle from the maison. In a good way.

Audemars Piguet Flexes Its Material Science Might

Alongside the release of the [RE]Master02, Audemars Piguet also dropped some amazing new watches including two new gemset Code 11.59 models, a mighty mini quartz Royal Oak, some new Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked models in 37mm, a new polychrome gold model and two new Royal Oak models that blend the Frosted Gold and Crystal Sand materials. Some very cool material science happening over at the house of AP.

IWC's New Ceralume® Technology

IWC's new Ceralume® Technology represents a significant advancement in watch luminescence. This innovative material combines the durability of ceramic with the exceptional brightness of Super-LumiNova®, resulting in enhanced visibility and readability in low-light conditions. Ceralume® is engineered to provide longer-lasting and more intense luminescence compared to traditional lume materials, ensuring that watch dials and hands remain legible even in the darkest environments. This cutting-edge technology underscores IWC's commitment to both functional excellence and pioneering developments in watchmaking.

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