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Watches Of The Week: 20/05/2024 - 26/05/2024

Your eyes do not deceive you -- yes I missed last week's round up, my sincerest apologies. But I'm back, ready and raring to go with the latest edition of Watches Of The Week. The retrospective week that was featured a huge range of new watches that began with a very sentimental Tudor made for the Italian football side Inter Milan to Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiling a handful of new and exciting Polaris model.

The week continued to draw great interest with Franck Muller dropping a colourful haute horlogerie heavyweight, Ulysse Nardin unveiling some new diving watches and F. P. Journe announcing its last ever limited edition.

Happy reading, have a great week ahead.

Watches Of The Week: 06/05/2024 - 12/05/2024

Jaeger-LeCoultre Adds New Reverso References

Jaeger-LeCoultre has added a handful of new references to its ever-popular Polaris collection. A new Geographic model was introduced, along with two new lacquer dial Polaris Date and Polaris Perpetual Calendar references expanding the family. With the Duometre dominating at Watches & Wonders 2024, you would be forgiven in thinking that Jaeger-LeCoultre was going to be taking the proverbial foot off the pedal. Wrong -- it seems like the maison is well and truly ruling the roost this year. The Polaris Geographic is a clean, functional and beautifully finished pieces and is a welcomed addition to the collection. And the addition of lacquer dials to both the Polaris Date and the Polaris Perpetual Calendar make for an already super desirable package. Brilliant as always.

Tudor Black Bay 58 Inter Milan

  • Brand: Tudor

  • Model: Black Bay 58 Inter Milan

  • Reference: M79030N-0025

  • Case: 39mm x 11.90mm

  • Case Material: Stainless steel

  • Water Resistance: 200m

  • Movement: Calibre MT5402

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 70 hours

  • Price: €4,350 (Limited to 1,908 pieces)

To celebrate inter Milan's second Scudetto (meaning it has now won the Italian league 20 times), Tudor has released a limited edition variation of the Black Bay 58. Featuring the livery of Inter Milan, along with its distinct blue colour palette, the Black Bay 58 Inter Milan is the perfect piece for all of the celebrating Nerazzurri fans around the world. A nice little touch is the gilt coloured Inter Milan logo and the two stars sitting above it indicating the two Scudettos that the team has now achieved.

HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda

  • Brand: HYT

  • Model: Conical Tourbillon Panda

  • Reference: H03236-A

  • Case: 48mm x 25.15mm

  • Case Material: Titanium with white ceramic coating

  • Water Resistance: 30m

  • Movement: Calibre 701-TC

  • Frequency: 3 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 40 hours

  • Price: CHF355,000 (Limited to 8 pieces)

The HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda is a whirlwind of theatrics and drama, now clad in a fun and easy to wear white ceramic coated titanium. True to form, HYT has continued with its used of fluid dynamics to indicate the time, however now we have an immense central tourbillon adding to the dance of high horology. The HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda is a symphony of creativity, innovation and pioneering spirit in a way that the world has yet to come to full appreciate it seems.

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow

  • Brand: Franck Muller

  • Model: Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow

  • Reference: H03236-A

  • Case: 46mm

  • Case Material: - (Gem set)

  • Water Resistance: -

  • Movement: - (Triple-axis tourbillon)

  • Frequency: -

  • Power Reserve: 240 hours

  • Price: Price on request

Clad entirely in hand-set baguette-cut stones, the Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow is in its most scintillating form yet. From the case to the crown, there is a total of 28.4 carats, while the buckle itself has 1.87 carats of baguette-cut gems. But the wonder doesn't stop there. On full display is a three-axis tourbillon, rotating through cycles of one hour, eight minutes and 60 seconds across all three of its cages, while featuring multi-coloured indicators which add to the colourful look of the Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow.

Panerai Luminor Dieci Giorni GMT PAM01482

  • Brand: Panerai

  • Model: Luminor Dieci Giorni GMT PAM01482

  • Reference: PAM01482

  • Case: 44mm

  • Case Material: Stainless steel

  • Water Resistance: 100m

  • Movement: P.2003

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 10 days

  • Price: AUD23,200

Panerai unveiled its latest piece with the new Luminor Dieci Giorni GMT PAM01482. With the PAM01482 what we have is a workhorse of a piece, with its P.2003 calibre boasting a huge 10-day power reserve, a necessity for pioneers of the past. The longer-than-usual power reserve minimises the need for winding, which then reduces the wear on the gaskets that guard against water infiltration -- a requirement for the Italian Navy commandos it was originally designed for.

Lorige BL-Endurance "Cool Racing 2024"

  • Brand: Lorige

  • Model: BL-Endurance "Cool Racing 2024"

  • Reference: BL-E.03/CR23

  • Case: 43.60mm x 10.50mm

  • Case Material: Monobloc made from the COOL Racing LMP2's carbon brakes

  • Water Resistance: 50m

  • Movement: LOR-PR01

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 45 hours

  • Price: CHF25,000 (Limited to 5 pieces)

To celebrate the partnership between Lorige and the COOL Racing team, the maison has unveiled the BL-Endurance "Cool Racing 2024". Crafted from the carbon brake pads of the COOL Racing team's race car, the BL-Endurance "Cool Racing 2024" has a distinct look that is unlike anything else out there. The raw carbon used underwent a 30-hour patented operation to turn it into the super light case and dial monobloc that is featured on the finished product. Beyond that, the hues of blues, greys and blacks are in parallel to the COOL Racing team's livery and looks absolutely superb. While all 5 pieces are spoken for, a second edition is nearing completion and will be available soon.

Ulysse Nardin's New DIVER Models

Ulysse Nardin has expanded its super sporty OPS series with two new commando-clad dive watches: the Diver Net OPS and the Diver Skeleton X OPS. The Diver Net OPS, made from recycled stainless steel with a Nylo® X Carbonium® bezel, features a distinct textured khaki green dial with soft patina accents and a rugged yet refined feel. The Diver Skeleton X OPS, an avant-garde piece combining openworking with real-world practicality, is crafted from DLC-coated titanium with a Carbonium® bezel and showcases the manufacture UN-372 calibre through its skeletonized dial.

Glashütte Original PanoInverse

  • Brand: Glashütte Original

  • Model: PanoInverse

  • Reference: 1-66-13-01-05-61

  • Case: 42mm x 12mm

  • Case Material: Red gold

  • Water Resistance: 50m

  • Movement: Calibre 66-13

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 41 hours

  • Price: AUD71,000 (Limited to 25 pieces)

The Glashütte Original PanoInverse is a remarkable timepiece that showcases the brand's dedication to horological artistry and technical prowess. Its 42mm red gold case houses the hand-wound calibre 66-13 movement, prominently displayed on the dial side to highlight the intricate mechanics and exquisite finishing. The watch features a striking three-quarter plate with a Glashütte ribbing, a duplex swan-neck fine adjustment, and a stunning off-center time display that enhances its unique aesthetic. Finished with a blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, the PanoInverse exemplifies Glashütte Original's mastery of blending tradition with contemporary watchmaking innovation.

F.P. Journe Chronographe FB

  • Brand: F. P. Journe

  • Model: Chronographe FB

  • Reference: FB

  • Case: 40mm x 10.40mm

  • Case Material: Titanium

  • Water Resistance: 30m

  • Movement: Calibre 1518.2

  • Frequency: -

  • Power Reserve: 80 hours

  • Price: CHF90,000 (Limited to 200 pieces)

The F.P. Journe Chronographe FB is a masterpiece of horological innovation and craftsmanship, reflecting François-Paul Journe's dedication to precision and elegance. Encased in a 40mm titanium case, this timepiece features the maison's caliber 1518.2 movement, a manual-wind chronograph with a focus on exceptional accuracy and performance. The dial showcases meticulously designed subdials and a classic yet modern aesthetic. The Chronographe FB, with its exquisite materials and advanced mechanics, epitomizes F.P. Journe's commitment to creating timepieces that are both technically superior and artistically stunning.

TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph

  • Brand: Tag Heuer

  • Model: Monaco Chronograph

  • Reference: CBL2188.FT6261

  • Case: 39mm x 15.20mm

  • Case Material: Titanium with DLC coating

  • Water Resistance: 100m

  • Movement: Calibre Heuer 02

  • Frequency: 4 Hz

  • Power Reserve: 80 hours

  • Price: CHF11,000

The TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph blends modern technology with classic design elements. Featuring a sleek 39mm titanium case with a striking black DLC coating, it stands out for its robust and lightweight construction. The watch is powered by the in-house Calibre Heuer 02 automatic movement, ensuring precision and a 80-hour power reserve. Its skeleton dial with luminous markers and hands offers excellent legibility and a contemporary aesthetic. Complemented by a blue rubber strap, this chronograph embodies TAG Heuer's commitment to innovation, style, and functionality.


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