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The King is Dead, Long Live the King! 8 Omega Speedmasters to Buy Before it's Too Late

Omega has announced the most modern iteration its illustrious Speedmaster, thus proclaiming that the current model has run its course and is destined to become obsolete. Okay, maybe I'm jumping the gun and being a bit dramatic, but it does mean that with the integration of a new Master Chronometer certified movement, the older models using the foundational calibre will be pushed out over time to make room for the new-tech. So, we've rounded up 8 variations of the outgoing model that we think are some of the best versions of the famed Speedmaster, including the original. Enjoy!

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Often touted as one of the most iconic watches ever, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional is a prominent figure not only in our collective watch community but also throughout the rich history of space and lunar travel.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo Olympics 2020 Limited Edition

Released in 2018 to celebrate the 2-year countdown to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which was postponed, the Omega Speedmaster Tokyo Olympics 2020 Limited Edition is a rare piece that was only made available on the Japanese market.

Omega Speedmaster '57

The legendary Omega Speedmaster '57 has become a true collector's item and a prized possession for those fortunate enough to have gotten their hands on one. 

Omega Speedmaster Racing

Featuring a Co-Axial Master Chronometer, the Omega Speedmaster Racing is a horologist's dream.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Reverse Panda

With its instantly recognisable "reverse panda" facade, this variation of the Omega Speedmaster Racing is not the most common variation of the Speedmaster but it's certainly one of the coolest.

Omega Speedmaster Ultraman

Perhaps one of the most coveted variations of the Omega Speedmaster, the Ultraman is undoubtedly highly sought after and holds its own as an altogether epic piece. 

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Another limited edition piece made to commemorate the now postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this particular model has a beautiful deep blue dial.

Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Panda

Last but not least we have the Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympics Panda. This particular model has a stunning panda-stylised dial offset by the red dial highlights and chronograph seconds hand. Definitely my favourite version of the Speedmaster on this list after the original.

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