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Watches of the Week: 07/03/2022 - 13/03/2022

Another week down, another round up of all the latest watch releases in our regular series, Watches of the Week. In this week's edition, we'll be featuring some amazing new watches including a plethora of new pieces from Omega and Bremont, as well as some amazing releases from Glashütte Original and Moritz Grossmann. Enjoy!

Omega Drops Insane New Roster

Omega pulled out all of stops last week, dropping an eye-watering bunch of new watches that really answered some trying questions, the main one being is Rolex leaving Omega in the dust? In an ode to answering the seemingly unanswerable, Omega unveiled a handful of new Aqua Terra 40mm models with bright colourful dials, new Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep models with a depth rating of 6,000m, a new green Seamaster, a couple of new Speedmaster '57s with manually wound movements as well as some new Speedmaster Moonwatch Professionals in Moonshine Gold. Suffice to say Omega has had a busy few months. Love. All. Of. Them. But give me the new titanium Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep.

Bremont Reveals Its 2022 Townhouse Collection

Bremont was almost as busy as Omega, unveiling its latest and greatest. Revealed at what Bremont calls the Virtual Townhouse, the new pieces are a part of Bremont's Townhouse Collection. The new collection comprises six releases, but we'll up the ante and make it seven by including the WR-22 and FW22, made in partnership with Williams Racing. We have the Airco Mach 1 Jet, the Argonaut Bronze, the Dambuster, the S502 Jet and Supermarine Chrono Jet, as well as the Supermarine Descent II. Time will only tell how active Bremont will be in 2022, but if the first quarter is any indication then we're definitely in for a treat.

Moritz Grossmann Central Second Purple

Moritz Grossmann features again, this time with the super fun Central Second Purple. Featuring a striking purple dial that's as loud as it is glamorous, the Central Second Purple has all of the tell-tale signs of a typical Moritz Grossmann manufactured timepiece. Brilliant finishing, a meticulous eye for detail and hands-down one of the most beautiful time-only movements in the industry.

Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date

Glashütte Original reinvigorates one of its most adventurous models with a new colour palette. The use of 'reed green' for the SeaQ Panorama Date's aesthetic seems like a match made in heaven. It's a beautiful colourway which suits the dynamic look of the bold SeaQ Panorama Date. A great contender for an everyday beater. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. No pun intended.

Panerai & The Metaverse

Panerai has taken the pioneering step into Web3. In partnership with Arianee, a leading presence in the metaverse space, Panerai has unveiled the Eilean Experience Edition. Each customer will receive one of the 50 limited edition NFTs from Panerai in a cryptographic wallet. There they will find a collectible evolutive one-of-a-kind artwork designed for Panerai by an NFT artist, which will evolve as the experience unfolds to reveal the art piece. This is an interesting turning point for the industry, and it's super exciting that such historic and tradition-stemmed brands like Panerai are leading the front.


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