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Watches of the Week: 21/12/2020 - 27/12/2020

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome back to the next installment of our regular series highlighting all of the latest watch releases, Watches of the Week. In this week's round up we'll be featuring new pieces from Blancpain and Edox, along with the unveiling of the largest Rolex boutique in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy!

Blancpain Traditional Chinese Calendar

Blancpain has released its Traditional Chinese Calendar to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Made in a limited run of only 50 pieces and available exclusively at Blancpain boutiques, the Traditional Chinese Calendar celebrates the Year of the Metal Ox which begins on February 12th 2021 and ends on January 31st 2022. Encased in platinum and featuring a Grand Feu enamel dial, the Traditional Chinese Calendar is a highly classical piece that exemplifies the nostalgic look of Blancpain's Traditional pieces. The Blancpain Traditional Chinese Calendar is priced at $121,000AUD.

Edox SkyDiver Neptunian

New from Edox is the SkyDiver Neptunian. Water-resistant to 1,000m, the SkyDiver Neptunian is a solid diver's watch that is more than capable of competing with other deep-diving watches on the market. The aqua-blue dial is offset by the black bezel, all of which work well with the heavy-duty stainless steel case.

Edox North Sea 1978

Edox also released the North Sea 1978. Dubbed the 'Inverse Moon Landing', it was in 1978 when divers made a "giant leap" down 320m into the icy waters of Norway, the deepest ever dive in the North Sea. The piece itself features a DLC-coated stainless-steel case, rated to a water resistance of 320m to match the dive from 1978.

Rolex Opens its Largest Boutique in the Southern Hemisphere

Rolex, in partnership with The Hour Glass, has opened the doors to its largest boutique in the Southern Hemisphere right here in Sydney. This came only a week after Rolex announced a dedicated space in The Hour Glass' Melbourne boutique. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD, the new boutique will now become the mainstay for Rolex in the southern hemisphere. The boutique is located at 192 Pitt Street, right on the corner of the illustrious luxury shopping district, and stretches over three floors of its heritage listed building.


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